Изобретен браслет, определяющий качество секса (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Recently created Bracelets Jawbone Up monitoring the state of health, the number of burned calories, sleep, heart rate, sex, activity intercourse, a ration of the person, and even then, not whether he imitated orgasm. For the convenience of the bracelet is synchronized with the software on the phone, in parallel, providing the owner with tips on health.

Also bracelet built pedometer and sensor, determines the distance, the ratio between active and passive leisure. Assess the quality of sleep (whether many people tossed per night and how fast asleep) helps motion sensor. And iPhone application gives the opportunity to photograph the food. So the program keeps track of where, when and what people ate.


We can analyze the difference in how much it burns calories during sex and for strength training. According to the creators of the bracelet, really even understand imitated whether a man to orgasm and, consequently, brought him sex real pleasure.

There are versions of bracelets which can be worn even in the shower. In addition, bracelets do not require recharging. Buy or still to decide the quality of your life and sex, everyone will have to decide.

Source: meddaily.ru

Photo: PantherMedia/Scanpix, jawbone.com

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