Придуманы украшения, которые можно использовать как секс-игрушки (ФОТО)

Sex toys for stimulation intimate areas of the body that masquerades as rings, may become the new hot trend on the market of intimate goods.

Hybrid invented in the company Menage A Quatre, based in Milan. The main distinctive feature of toys from other goods categories erotic toys can be used as ordinary jewelry.


Designers from Milan invented 4 type of rings, each of which is designed for various types of stimulation intimate areas of the body. O-rings are made from safe for the human body materials – silver and silicone.


The main purpose of these rings – strengthening of pleasant sensations during Masturbation, so that women offered enjoy them alone. However, the creators of sexual decorations do not exclude the participation of men in the process, a more detailed study of erogenous zones of women’s bodies and their degree of sensitivity.”


Currently these sexy toys are not for sale, but Menage A Quatre expects to collect sufficient funding to ensure that the available samples produced in lots. However, while necessary for the $26 000 producers received only $737. But they still have 33 days to collect the remaining amount.

Source: medikforum.ru

Photo: menageaquatre.com

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