Правда ли, что женщина в бикини — это сексуально?

– Yes, but only if you can figure. Otherwise it асексуально. If a woman has a sense of taste, she manages to emphasize the advantages of your body, and hide its flaws, well

«aerobatics» – turn weaknesses into strengths.

– Sexual woman is always sexy. It is not important in bikini it or in the boots on a naked body. I am sure that all women understand this, but not all of it. Sometimes go out on the beach, and his eyes straight run from the «sexuality» – there’s a lady with a statue of a dwarf little Hippo втиснулась in Thong its стройняшки-daughter, here’s a woman, dressed, and more precisely naked, in the latest fashion, groaning, and trying to keep up with голопопым внучком. Beautifully? Hardly. Of course, all considered themselves to be «the most charming and attractive», but do not forget that

clothes, even on the beach, choose for yourself, not «the пошлее, the sexier».

Then you will be happy, and we’re men.

However those who you care for yourself, do not forget about sport, neat figure and not sits for hours in restaurants to fast obesity want to say one thing: a bikini on the beach – all for! Bikini on the market in the queue for potatoes – take my brain.

And still. Girl, you’re sexier when Put on a bikini and not Put on.

Photo: Flickr/by 45SURF Hero’s Journey of Mythology Goddesses

– In itself a demonstration of «Nude nature» in our time has become so routine that we cannot definitely say Yes, bikini is sexy. Rather, it is a norm from which is already perceived as a curiosity 🙂

Here is an opinion about female sexuality in bikini men TVNET, but who do you say this? Write in the comments – we are very interested in your point of view!

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