Правда ли, что чем короче юбка, тем сексуальнее девушка?

However, the plan worked. Moreover, to speak out on the issues of women’s Affairs kindly agreed and our colleagues from the Latvian TVNET that, of course, madly happy. So: is it true that the shorter the skirt, the sexier girl?

– No. As with bikini – only if you can figure. Although, of course, all this is not for everybody. Yes and in General, clothing sexuality, though important, but secondary. Sexuality can be all – in gait, look, an inclination of the head, neck bending, gestures, tone of voice, smile.

Even sad and crying woman can sexually…

– The fact that it draws attention. But a girl’s got to be dressed tastefully, which determine many things. If, for example, to mini poorly chosen blouse, the top or something similar, short skirt will not cause any emotion, except that the negative.

Photo: Flickr/by Fergus NcNeill

– In my opinion, clothing is not decisive in assessing women’s sexy. Much more important, the girl knows how to present themselves.

– Clearly it is impossible to answer. Important growth and, excuse me, the lack of cellulite. Girls with nonideal figure and cellulite on the body, of course, it is better not to wear short dresses and skirts.

– And here and there. In our time is really short skirt looks more like a belt, and it has already gone. Of course, short skirt with beautiful legs and the fact that the above – extremely sexy. But just as sexy girl will look and in a skirt longer, Yes even the way to the feet. Not clothes makes the man, and man’s clothes. If short skirt suits you wear often, if not – you I still do not listen and напялите.

On the streets I meet a lot of people, including very lush ladies who wear mini skirts and dresses modest. To be honest, the second option may look very sexy, whereas the first one – in the best case, it is perplexing. The same applies to a lover dine half steamed seeds: you skin and bones,

do not torture others choose clothing itself.

– The truth is that the girl in a short skirt automatically attracts many views – at least out of curiosity. However, in this case men’s «wow» and «Oh» was very superficial. Yes and take note can just a couple of seconds if the skirt opens a really nice legs.

So consider our men. And what do you think about the mini? Write in the comments – we are interested in knowing!

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