Ивана Купала 2013: где отпраздновать в Киеве?Ивана Купала 2013: где отпраздновать в Киеве?
In the night from Saturday to Sunday – 6-7 July is celebrated as a holiday of Ivan Kupala. However, the festivities begin with the Saturday morning and lasts until Sunday evening.
Where can you celebrate Ivan Kupala in the Ukrainian capital?
Park Kievan Rus (C. Kopachev, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region)
On the territory of the Park fun will begin at 13:00 on 6 July. Everyone will be able to jump through the fire, sing and dance in a ring, see the performances of folk groups and equestrian theatre. If guests come in a traditional costume, a ticket can be bought for half the price.

Also in the framework of Ivan Kupala will be held youth festival of Slavic Fest, where the teams of boys and girls will compete in dexterity and wit and compete for prizes.
July 6 will also be held knight battles in the framework of the tournament knight Kyiv Stronghold. In this day cross blades team Aina Bera (Kiev) and Odessa team-2.
The night is scheduled horse fire show, shooting from требуше burning cores and fire arrows, as well as fireworks and dj party.
Museum of folk architecture and life in Pirogovo (Kyiv region)
In Pirogovo in the night of 6 to 7 July, will be traditionally dedicated to these festivities. All present will become familiar with the rituals and traditions of the holiday will have a chance to jump through the fire, to weave a wreath and pull them on the water, sing and dance.
Mamaeva Sloboda (Kyiv, street of Donets, 2)
In the cultural-entertaining complex Mamayeva Sloboda holiday of Ivan Kupala will be very bright and запоминающе. Traditionally there will jump through the fire, weaving wreaths, and will be the quest Night on Ivan Kupala – search Cossack treasures in Mamayeva Sloboda. Here many years, the young couple will have to search for the gold ring set with diamonds, compete for coral beads and a romantic dinner for two in the institution. Pair still have time to register in the quest to 15:45 on July 6 and buy a horseshoe with a serial number.
Novie Petrovtsy village (Kiev region, C. New Petrovtsy)
July 6 at 16:00 on a Farm Savka begin Kupaly evenings. Guests will plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient holiday, look estate, ancient crafts, will participate in a ceremony зажинок, folk rites. Everyone will be able to take a master class on making clay toys. The organizers will be treated to all the Cossack Kulesh, measured poskryp milky soup and other dishes from the furnace.

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