Японки для сохранения красоты сажают на лицо улиток (ФОТО)

Women are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of his youth, but Japanese ladies were gone the furthest. In the Country of the rising sun is now accepted in the fight against age-related changes to plant on the face of snails.

Mucus snails used in cosmetology not the first century because of its anti-aging properties. It contains hyaluronic acid, proteins and antioxidants needed skin to restore its former elasticity. However, until recently, we were offered only different cosmetic products on the basis of mucus snails. But in Japan have decided to take radical measures.

Revolutionary procedure rejuvenation, proposed in a number of beauty clinics, provides facility of living snails right on the face of women. The session lasts about an hour. Previously the face is cleansed, then snails put on his cheeks and forehead ladies. Popular garden shellfish you can move in any direction and leave mucus.


“Улиткотерапию offers one of the Russian cosmetic clinics, located in Krasnoyarsk. In Latvia, despite the huge number of snails, such a method is not currently used.

Procedure for face skin care, which costs $250, also includes facial massage, mask and use of electric pulses. As says the Manager of the clinic in Tokyo Yoko Миниами, snail slime helps to restore the skin cells, well, do snails and even contribute to the healing of the damaged skin, elimination of consequences of solar burns.

In the clinic live five snails, which contain a fully organic food from vegetables. Also on the basis of their mucus beauticians salon produce special cosmetics.

Source: medikforum.ru

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