Дженнифер Энистон определилась со своей свадебной прическойДженнифер Энистон определилась со своей свадебной прической
According to rumors, Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux postponed their wedding before Christmas. However, Hollywood actors preparation for the celebration started in advance. In particular, the bride is looking for his image of a wedding, shopping for clothes, but have already decided hair.
Jennifer says that she loves them natural wedding hairstyles. Loose curls well play on the contrast with officialdom and formal wedding attire. Aniston is sure that her wedding with Theroux hairstyle will be nonchalant, hair tousled, as будето she just woke up.
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But hairstyle her character Rachel from the TV series Friends aniston recalls with a shudder. As it turns out, such laying has been very difficult for her had to use three different combs. As noted by itself Jennifer, she just cursed your stylist Chris Макмилланакаждый time when you had to do this haircut.
As recognized by the McMillan, he will Jen hair for three hours before the ceremony, so she can have time to lie in bed.

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