Джастин Бибер выпустил новый аромат The KeyДжастин Бибер выпустил новый аромат The Key
Young and talented Justin Bieber will delight of his fans. And this will not be another hit or a clip, and a new fragrance for women.
Justin had already presented their creations of perfume. In 2011, was released fragrance Someday, and in 2012 – fragrance Girlfriend which, incidentally, was the best feminine fragrance of the Popular categories at the annual awards ceremony for achievements in the field of perfumery The Fragrance Foundation (formerly known as FiFi).
The third fragrance from the popular singer – The Key enters the market in July 2013. This fragrance is positioned as a more Mature, than its predecessors.
The Key – bright, energetic, sexy and passionate fragrance. His flower-fruit-cantaloupe composition will not leave indifferent lovers of saturated and scents with character. Women with such a train turn after, they remain in memory forever. The fragrance opens juicy notes of exotic fruit and continues sensual chords flower of the heart songs. Seductive enveloping the creamy base is created from a passionate musk, exotic wood and soft vanilla.
Justin is not accidentally chose the key symbol of their new fragrance. Thus he tries to tell his fans, so they always believe in their dreams and that any door is opened, the main thing – to find the right key.

Flask of the new fragrance was very stylish. He sleek and simple design, it is painted in white color and decorated castle-a sign and the key of Golden metal.
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