Кабаева рассказала правду о Путине и детях

After the scandal of divorce Russian President Vladimir Putin in the media have re-emerged rumors about his alleged affair with a former gymnast and now a Deputy of the state Duma Alina Kabaeva.

Three weeks after the message about divorce Putin, former sportswoman, gave an interview to the edition “Great sport which denied the speculation about his personal life.

“Experience has taught me to not let no one in his personal life. Who wants to talk about work, festival, other professional moments – please, but not personal,” said Svetlana.

However Kabaeva yet commented on one important point, very волновавший the public: “the Only thing I can say: I don’t have children. It’s true”. So the Deputy answered : ” the media repeatedly wrote that Kabayeva gave birth to two children from Vladimir Putin.


Don’t know how there with Putin, but his fellow MPs Joseph Kobzon and Artur Chilingarov Alina Kabaeva clearly likes.

Recall that for the first time about the possible relationship of the head of the Russian state with Alina Kabaeva talking in April 2008. Then in the newspaper “Moscow correspondent” published an article about that Putin is allegedly divorced his wife, Lyudmila, to marry a gymnast.

Putin had publicly refute the rumors. Then he said, ‘ I always had a negative attitude towards those with some гриппозным nose and with their erotic fantasies reaches into the lives of others”, and also noted that these rumors no “word of truth”. The publication itself was soon closed by the decision of its owner Alexander Lebedev.

The Western media, however, immediately picked up the rumors. Through the Internet, there were even allegations that Kabayeva gave birth to the Russian President’s first child. However, the data gossip gymnast denied in may 2009. After two years, Alina was again forced to justify itself after the journalists had found her with a young child. Then she said that it was only her nephew.

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