Карл Лагерфельд сделал лицом своего бренда личного телохранителя

38-year-old Sebastian Жондо, 14 years worked at the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as a personal assistant and бодигарда, became the face of autumn men’s collection of the author’s name brand designer.

Жондо, Amateur boxer hailing from the suburbs of Paris, commenting on the survey, the author of which became the fashion designer, laconic. Says, as a bodyguard, short and straightforward: “I spend all my time with him. He’s my boss, and I respect him.”


Answer Sebastian on the question of whether he is ready to do everything to protect Lagerfeld in case of danger, also brief: “Certainly I will go to the end. I have no limitations in the actions on its protection!”

Well, determined to look Sebastian Жондо the promo photo gives no doubt what he said.

Photo: AP/Scanpix, karl.com

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