Карл Лагерфельд снял своего телохранителя в рекламеКарл Лагерфельд снял своего телохранителя в рекламе
Karl Lagerfeld once again surprised the public, demonstrating the talent of the photographer: designer personally captured for the new advertising campaign of the brand Karl Lagerfeld not a man-model, and his bodyguard and assistant Sebastian Жонде.
The first frame of the autumn-winter campaign and videos from the set already available in the network. Full photoshoot from Lagerfeld will be presented at the Berlin exhibition Bread Butter 1 July.
It is known that Sebastian works Lagerfeld for more than 15 years: I spend all my time with him. He is my employer, and I respect him, – told Жонде. A man recognizes that protecting the life of his boss, ready to go to the end, it is therefore not surprising that Lagerfeld decided to immortalize the memory of their brave friend.

Not so long ago in the network also got photos from the shooting of another campaign Lagerfeld, where the designer took actress Tilda Swinton.

Photo and video:Karl Lagerfeld

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