Кейт Аптон: «Съемки в купальнике в Антарктиде — это экстрим»

At that not only are the models, to impress their fans! Pass the test of fire and cold, suffered hardship and inconvenience for the sake of a single spectacular frame.

Kate Upton, for example, recently took part in a photoshoot in Antarctica.

There was created advertising bathing suits.

the 20-year-old girl had to pose in almost Nude at a temperature of minus 20 degrees.

Kate says that without end jumped and ran around the site of the shooting, trying to keep warm.

She was afraid of what will come on the pictures bruised from the cold.

So this photo session turned to her a real nightmare.

«There was a terrible frost, ” says Kate. “When I came back into the room, I have a few areas of the body were from frostbite. That thing has bothered me.

I almost cut out of sight and hearing, so much effort spent my body to support the heat transfer…

Me all the time I wanted to cringe, and it was hard work on the camera.

Been able to do no more than ten shots, after which I simply could not work and накрывалась jacket or veil.» Resources on the Internet: Kate Upton: «Shooting in a bathing suit in Antarctica – it’s extreme»

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