Ксения Собчак опровергла слухи о своей беременности

Popular TV host Ksenia Sobchak denied the rumors of her pregnancy, telling him that married актераМаксима Виторгана not because of the imminent birth of the child.

“The main reason why you intelligently read this whole text: I am not pregnant. And, may be, it may seem surprising, but married you can go out just for the love, not from залету,” said Sobchak in the magazine “Russian pioneer”.


Photo, made a week ago during the film festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, confirmed by the words of Ksenia. She is not pregnant.

The scandalous media personality also admitted that not all methods of education of children considers correct. They say, сюсюкающие mom and dad – is bad taste. “I, for one, always in my childhood hated сюсюкающих adults. And I’m sure that every child here this whole syusi-pussie-uti-way hated. And we all were children. So where then, tell me, from generation to generation are taken сюсюкающие adults and these hellish prefix “uncle” and “aunt” to strangers?” – surprised Sobchak.

However, according to Ksenia, children she loves and encourages treat the kids as persons. “But there is a different attitude, when the child is the whole world, which should be interested in you is that you can share, but which will never be exactly yours and to this world, to this little universe must always be treated with great respect and awe. So I would like to treat my children, if ever we decide that are ready to it”, – said Sobchak.

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