Дамочка, предъявите паспорт! Стоит ли одеваться по возрасту?

Lady, submit your passport! Whether dress of age?

We are now, without a doubt, we live in a society where everybody is obsessed with rejuvenation, and the blame is not only a comprehensive progress and media propaganda, which shows that after 40 years, as Gwen Stefani, to have the perfect press, which you have not been in 20 or 50 years as Madonna, be proud of shapely legs, which in the 16th some can only dream of. But does this mean that the results of the hard work over his body a must demonstrate in the open short dresses, as do the stars on the red carpet and outside of them?

Мадонна Madonna Дженифер Лопес Jennifer Lopez

Кейт Мосс Kate Moss Гвен Стефани Gwen Stefani

In response to molodyaschihsya women over 40 youth actual, of which short tops, shorts, briefs, and corsets now have to share with «mommy», is thrown at all extremes, and at an age when it seems like almost all can be, and is, for the most part, something that cannot be or is not recommended: underwear instead of clothes, pants instead of shorts and a transparent short t-shirts instead of dresses. Or, on the contrary, vehemently denying this whole «debauchery without age, dressed in modest and dismissed from the sinful world grandmothers. What is better and what is worse is unclear, but it is evident, as is the case with older ladies above, is its rejection of his age.

Рианна Rihanna Ники Минаж Nicki Minaj

Майли Сайрус Miley Cyrus Тейлор Момсен Taylor Momsen

Тави Гевинсон Tavi Гевинсон Эшли Олсен Ashley Olsen

It is implied that one day every woman still there comes a time when it gets rid of the mini-skirts and short shorts, down from the 12-inch studs, washes away the pink paint with hair and lipstick fuchsia lips and opens a new Chapter in the life of which is attached and a new wardrobe. Only now, when this small revolution (or the peaceful surrender?) must occur: 25, 30, 35, 40, or maybe only in 60 years? And how it will look like this updated base closet? Business suit with a skirt-MIDI plus a status bag or long dress flower plus pumps and shoper for a hike for food? On the questions about how to dress, age, only begin… And can I leave a short denim shorts for recreation? And save the bright red color of hair or the color highlighting is not a sin? And high heels, you can still leave?

Синди Кроуфорд и ее дочь Кайя Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaya Вивьен Вествуд Vivienne Westwood

Аврил Лавин Avril Lavigne Дениз Ричардс Denise Richards

Actually his own fashion list «Yes», «No» and «No way» you make only themselves. Not superfluous will consult with their inner and not the actual age (suddenly you really age of 30 is the new 20), and be sure to take into account individual peculiarities of your body. Dress-shirts-style a-I-only-from-gynecologist, a cap with ears and any careless or too vulgar clothes at any age transparently намекнут you that it is time for a revolution, it looks like it.

Кейт Мосс Kate Moss Мадонна Madonna

Николетт Шеридан Николетт Sheridan Хелена Бонем Картер Helena Bonham Carter

Памела Андерсон Pamela Anderson

And you claim to be with the figures in the passport, choosing clothes? Share in the comments!

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