Лагерфельд придумал очки для некрасивых

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, chief designer of the house of Chanel, has figured out how to make even the most unattractive person harmonious. Soon he is going to sell sunglasses for ugly.

“They will do harmonious even the most ugly face. At the same time, these points make attractive face even more beautiful. I wear glasses all the time, so it turns out that I sell you my soul”, – quotes Lagerfeld Contactmusic. It is assumed that the cost of such points will be about 125 pounds.

In the video, which advertises a new line of sunglasses, appeared for the Dutch model Saskia de Brau, known for its андрогинными images, and Spanish манекенщик John Кортахарена.


A frame from a video featuring the shooting of an advertising campaign of a new collection points Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld constantly walking in dark glasses. Recently, in the Network there was even a game, the goal of which is to remove them from the designer. However, this is not so easy: he performs such pirouettes that keep up with it is practically impossible. By the way, if sunglasses with him still do break it, under them is the second pair, and a third and next.

Previously Lagerfeld in the habit of wearing black glasses, said the following: “people say that I feel like a Hollywood star, and therefore do not remove points. Nothing of the kind! Everything is obvious: I shortsighted. And to whom it is interesting to look into the eyes that do not see farther than 1 meter?”

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix, karl.com

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