Лана Гомберг:

MixNews.lv pleased to publish the blog of the General practitioner and the psychiatrist known society lady Lana Gomberg, which looked at one of the most significant glamorous events of this summer, using all facets of its versatile personality.

From 31 July to 4 August Comedy Club celebrates its 10th anniversary in a mode non-stop in the “Dzintari” and Havana Club Lounge. Overestimate the importance of the event for Jurmala impossible.

These young sparkling guys нескольколет ago broke into the post-Soviet space of humor and has since firmly in there leading positions. Сomedy Club has become an integral part of the glamorous parties, residents are quoted, they imitate. The secret of their success, probably, that they combined humor and glamour conquered, thus,a huge audience.


Humor is a positive emotions and positive brings удовольствие.Удовольствие is one of the goals of glamour. Сomedy Club — this bright “color” revolution, brilliance, beauty,luxury, dolce vita.

Glamour worship, to scold. The latter is now fashionable. However, fans and glamour, and his persecutors one thing in common — they are not indifferent to him. All who somehow this summer touched a 10-летиюСomedy Club, will obviously discuss the luxury with host a holiday. One list of the invited guests worth something! It remains only to hope that the organizers will explain the Queen of glamour Paris Hilton and singer Крэгу David, where they are, not to repeat the unfortunate misunderstanding of the” New wave”. Remember years ago, Sarah Connor several times with сценыконкурса said she was happy to finally be in Russia?

But the main goal of the holiday is the humor. Humor will be many, he will be diverse and comprehensive. Residents Сomedy Club will make jokes, sing, entertain viewers and enjoy themselves.


The clever and witty joke – an art. Humor lets you switch from negative to look at the problem from the side, encourage, not only others, but himself. When people laugh over a funny story, witty anecdote, fun trivia surrounding world, life gets a little easier.

And now that gives the viewer the entrance ticket. A good laugh and a great show — guarantee the organizers. Also together with the crust local and out-of-town party-goers receive a pass in the Holy of holies of the Great Glamour. But the main events will take place directly on the shore of the Gulf of Riga. About the benefits of моркого air is known to all, but in this context I would like to remind about some facts. In seawater dissolved salts and organic compounds. Breathing in the salty air, party-goers will improve the ventilation of lungs, brain power, sleep and appetite. Dissolved in the sea air iodine rejuvenate the skin. So together with the enhanced work of the facial muscles when the laughter of a one night with Сomedy Club could replace several trips to the SPA.


But remember: the therapeutic properties of sea air are valid only in immediate proximity to the sea and on a distance of, for example, in 300 meters effect is weaker, so that the direct you to the road in the”Dzintari” and Havana Club Lounge.

We believe that Jurmala is a favorite club residents, and we’ll be glad meetings with Сomedy Club for many years.

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