Жизнь с трудоголиком: «за» и «против»Жизнь с трудоголиком: «за» и «против»
To determine how comfortable you will coexistence with a workaholic, we need to understand that these people are and find out why they got here. Whether workaholism conscious choice, or so the circumstances, much depends.
Workaholics are divided into two categories: littered the work and those who fills up the work itself. In the first case, the person, for one reason or another, there is no option to change jobs and get rid of excessive employment. Have to play by the established command of the rules. Here it is enough to correct some self-esteem and support the man, that he felt the strength to change the things as he is most comfortable with. To abandon a part of powers, or find a new job, to reduce the employment and spend more time with family. Given that workaholics necessarily from work tired, captivate with their family joys easier than conscious workaholics.
Conscious workaholics either try to fulfill their potential by professional activity (there is often triggered internal systems of human work, the only occupation in which he believes in himself and feels successful). Either fanatically passionate about their work (often the case for scientists, programmers, people of creative professions) and do not need other Hobbies. If, in the first case, you have a chance to dispel doubts and convince a workaholic, that in addition to office life there are many wonderful activities in which it can be successful, while in the second case, most likely, have to put up with the situation.
To understand that your man is really a workaholic, try to find out: how often he thinks about the work that dream it to his work, if he was ready to sacrifice personal life for the sake of work, whether he agrees to all of the jobs that you give him. Positive answers characterize classical workaholic. In addition, its трудоголизме will tell all my friends and employees. Another important indicator of how often a person uses his right to rest. Workaholics rarely go on vacation, not even once a year, once in several years.
Proceeding from this, you can decide for yourself: do you have the strength to re-educate a workaholic, detract from the work, to captivate, to raise his self-esteem (which is not superfluous for all men). In General, to make his life outside of work is more interesting, than at work. Or you are not ready to devote my life to this Ministry, realizing that all the problems and troubles husband immediately run to the favorite office. Alternatively, you may live in a situation in which the husband consistently produces money and not too bothering you with questions, where you spend them.
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