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4.5 kg lipstick «eats» a woman for the whole life, her sexual partner gets a little less: kiss, man consumes about 1.5 kg

1,5-2 years for storage lipstick before you started using it. After opening the package – not more than 5-6 months. If you change the texture, smell and shade of lipstick deteriorated.

Up to 95% natural components should be part of lipstick, if it is certified as organic cosmetics.

Matte and satin lipstick with a filter SPF 15+ protects lips from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. But the glossy finish (including lip glosses), alas, from the treacherous sunshine not save.

Moisturizing lipstick contains 3-5 times more natural waxes and oils.

The best is the one in which is simultaneously a bee, and Carnauba wax roses, and cocoa butter, Shea butter or almond.

If his lips are constantly dry up and crack even when using hygienic lipstick, blame the high content of artificial ingredients – paraffin or vaseline.

The use of overdue lipstick can lead to хиелиту – the defeat of the skin of the lips, which are formed dry crusts, transverse cracks and there is a strong reddening.

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Many believe that the use of bright shades of lipstick leads to fading own pigment lips. This is not so.

Just deteriorates with age blood circulation in the skin and lips naturally become paler.

Creamy lipstick not the most convenient to use, but in terms of hygiene are the safest.

Apply a disposable plastic spatulas. Tight lid does not allow the bacteria to penetrate inside. But

solid lipstick in выкручивающемся case – real hotbed of bacteria.

Lipstick with menthol does not increase the lips. They visually look better due to the content of a mother-of-pearl and reflective particles.

Women who regularly coloring lips, less likely to suffer from problems with the spine, have a good posture and feel more confident than their girlfriends, пренебрегающими makeup.

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