Как выглядит идеальная любовница?

Experts from the University of Stirling conducted the online survey of 393 heterosexual men.

In the course of the study were presented two versions of the European women photos, and Japanese.

One version has been changed so that women in the photo seemed to be even more feminine and the other more courageous.

And in the end, if we had to find a partner for one night, men chose feminine women.

The main signs of womanhood – the narrow jaw and pronounced round cheeks.

A vivid example – the Hollywood star Natalie Portman.

The «male type» include, for example, singer Pink and actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by the training center СЕКС.РФ, it turned out that women who are satisfied with the amount of sex, are more purposeful and successful in all spheres of life: career, Hobbies, sports, unlike those who would like to change the regularity of intimacy.

The ladies who like to have sex less often,

feel less confident as a profession and Hobbies,

than women configured on the increase in sexual activity.

According to the survey, 40% of satisfied regularity sex women career is going well, but they constitute the largest share of those for whom professional achievements not stand on the first place (34%), and those who consider the career home (8%).

The high percentage of women with problems in the career are the ladies who like to have sex less often (about 9%).

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