Лунный календарь любви и зачатия на июль 2013Лунный календарь любви и зачатия на июль 2013
Love that inspires, encourages and gives incredible power to perform all the time to move forward, no matter what difficulties do not overcome. And all because life can play with bright colors of the rainbow only when you know exactly – house always sincerely waiting for your most native person.
Surprisingly, with all the sincerity and depth of feelings, sometimes happen completely groundless quarrels, disagreements and conflicts even between the closest people. To avoid these banal misunderstandings, listen to the advice of the lunar calendar love and conception on July 2013 by the astrologer Irina Kirichenko.
1.07 energy of the day is distressing for the child’s conception. Intimate relationships can lead to loss of strength and sense of internal devastation. Inauspicious start a new relationship and marriage;
2.07 sexual energy must find his way out, otherwise you can face nervous or physical disorders. Day of conception for starting a new relationship, romantic dates;
3.07 poor day for marriage, although the plan the preparation of the celebration. Sex is recommended to observe moderation. Energy of the day is favorable for conception;
4.07 exciting time for the meeting, a romantic, intimate communication, a quiet family recreation, but intimacy is better to refrain;
5.07 try to take care of their loved ones. Joint family dinner and a good talk over dinner incredibly will hold you. A remarkable period for intimacy, but only if your relationship is kept on spirituality, not normal physiological attraction;
6.07 consider interesting leisure for your family, be sure to consider all wishes and preferences. Energy of the day has to rest on the fresh air, that’s the only active games replace with a more measured and calm state. The period suitable for the conception and intimacy;
7.07 today energy lunar days recommends to stay in solitude. In the intimacy useful temperance;
8.07 a beautiful day for a romantic leisure with your loved one. Sex should observe moderation;
9.07 how will today is your relationship with the other half is completely up to you. Do not expect that you all should, first try to share with others what you have. A great day for the organization of joint leisure of children;
10.07 not the best day to start a new relationship, conception, betrothal and marriage;
11.07 wonderful day for a peaceful holiday in nature in the family;
12.07 sometimes in a relationship need to do a second pause to understand how precious you are the man who was there. Consider that your relationship requires significant correction, and that, conversely, for you very valuable. Only understanding of such fundamental concepts provides reliability relations. Think not regret it;
13.07 energy of this day promotes mental conversation and pleasant family leisure. In intimate relationships should be soft and exclusively mutual consent and desire, if one of the partners has the slightest hint of reluctance, sex should be abandoned;
14.07 period, when as never before it is important to talk about their real feelings, don’t be ashamed if it comes from the heart. It is an auspicious day for intimacy изачатия;
15.07 period, which is best held in seclusion, relaxation, restful sleep and relaxation will help you to return you the strength and inner harmony. Refrain from new friends, start a romantic relationship, engagement and conception;
16.07 extremely inauspicious for the conception and intimacy. This is a time when we spend more time in solitude, with particular beneficial effect of the practice of meditation and contemplation;
17.07 exciting time to relax, surrounded by relatives and people close to you, only to be correct in his statements, even the most insignificant joke may offend a person dear to you. Energy of the day is favorable for conception, but on condition that you consciously think about this;
18.07 exciting time for romance, recognition, walking under the starry summer sky. One of the best days for conception, in sex should observe moderation;
19.07 one of the best days for the recognition of their feelings, romantic evening. Energy of the day for the sex, but for the conception entirely wrong period, but for the intimacy quite suitable evening;
20.07 day when it is difficult to Express their emotions, so if you can’t say anything sincere, better not say anything, lies and hypocrisy will be immediately disclosed. Energy day unfavorable for conception;
21.07 beware of the temptation, all try to be moderate. Day has to build strong romantic relationship, favorable period for engagement;
22.07 undesirable romantic meetings and intimate contacts;
23.07 evening of this day you can spend in a quiet home atmosphere in the circle of friends and dear people,a Cup of herbal tea to help you relax and talk. The unfavorable period for new acquaintances;
24.07 energy of the day, helps to build a romantic relationship, intimate relationships and conception;
25.07 and 26.07 unpredictable sexual energy can lead to unexpected consequences, be discreet;
27.07 chances of seduction, so please refrain from new acquaintances, the formalization of relations, conception;
28.07 evening of this day is decorated to a romantic mood, engagement, sincere recognition of the depth of their feelings, conception;
29.07 dedicate this day romance and strengthening of their relations. In every way to show you care about your own. Do not abuse the sex, it can cause a feeling of desolation;
30.07 not take the initiative, new acquaintances can deliver a lot of disappointments. Not the best day of intimate relations and conception;
31.07 energy day recommends to refrain from началановых romantic relationship, marriage, intimacy, and conception.
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