Лунный календарь здоровья на июль 2013Лунный календарь здоровья на июль 2013
Only in a strong, healthy body
the spirit keeps the balance,
and character develops
in all of its power.
Herbert Spencer
Simple, but wise… but only being healthy, we are able to build incredible plans for the future, to dream, to fight for their ideals and stereotypes, love to dizziness and just live.
But sometimes, even with all the preventive warnings, we may face the loss of strength, a decrease in vitality and immunity, the deterioration of the General condition, there is no obvious reason for this. All this is due to the strong influence of the moon upon us, our organs and the whole organism. To live in harmony with oneself and the world, it is imperative to know the laws of interaction in the Universe, and do all in their time, and not as pleased.
With the help of simple tips lunar calendar of health on July 2013 by the astrologer Irina Kirichenko:
1.07 refrain from eating meat, alcohol, heavy fried foods. Take care of your health, remember that immunity in these lunar day is especially weak. Useful procedures for the strengthening of the spine. Try spending less time at a computer monitor and TV screen, take care of your eyes;
2.07 try to stick to today, the daily routine, especially for food and sleep, or may be uncontrollable emotional outbreak. Refrain from active exercise, the probability of injuries, fractures and fractures;
3.07 today is better to spend in solitude, mediation and contemplation on the water will help to save inner balance and peace of mind. Useful diet and purification practices, but only on the recommendation of a specialist;
4.07 food prefer fish, herbs and vegetables, eat meat products is highly undesirable. Make sure that the load on the joints was moderate, otherwise injuries you just can not be avoided;
5.07 useful practices, aimed to relax, forget about exercise. Be careful with using drugs and alcohol. Try to spend more time outdoors;
6.07 eat more seasonal berries, fruits and vegetables, avoid strong tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks. Avoid excessive physical activity and to monitor their blood pressure;
7.07 energy of the day will require you regularity and peace, it is recommended to fast. Abstain from alcohol. Before bedtime useful practice the purification of water, enough for a couple of minutes dip your feet in the cold water, and immediately after that go to bed;
8.07 refrain from drinking strong coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages. Useful practice meditation on a candle flame. Food prefer vegetarian menu;
9.07 perfect time for the start of the cycle of physical exercise or a series of health and massage. You can start the practice of cleansing the body of toxins, but only if you do not have to this acute contraindications;
10.07 advised to visit a bath or a sauna, as well as good physical load, for selection of the optimal set of exercise program, consult your coach, or you might hurt yourself. Avoid feelings and worries, so how can cause heart problems;
11.07 auspicious day for the start of the cycle of herbal treatments. Try to spend more time on nature;
12.07 is the time to adjust your diet, lifestyle. Consult with experts that will help you balance a diet and to select an optimal set of physical exercises. Don’t put off tomorrow care of your health;
13.07 one of the best days of rejuvenating treatments. Incredibly therapeutic effect on the body will aromatherapy;
14.07 beware of drafts, avoid sudden changes in temperature can catch a cold and sick;
15.07 useful purification procedures for the stomach and intestines. Avoid eating a heavy meal, give preference to diet products;
16.07 remove all the negative and relaxation salt foot bath before bedtime. Try to live a regular life, rush and nervous stress can cause an aggravation of chronic diseases;
17.07 recommended to devote more time to rest. A beneficial period for the treatment of upper respiratory tract, throat, rhinitis, and cold;
18.07 food should know when to stop, it is not recommended to overeat. Today it is especially useful herbal teas and juices;
19.07 day, which should be the maximum outdoors. Lesson breathing practices give you a sense of the incredible rush of forces;
20.07 try not to drink a coarse meal, but in the liquid, do not deny yourself, give preference to clean water and natural juices;
21.07 quite auspicious day for cosmetic and water procedures, massage. The period, when not recommended to starve, but the measure in respect it, definitely worth it, give preference to useful products, superbly mastered;
22.07 treatment of ulcers, gastritis in these lunar day is very efficient. Not worth the news today a sedentary lifestyle, walking in nature and light exercise will give you a wonderful feeling;
23.07 period, which is best held in seclusion, try to devote more time to rest. It is recommended to refuse surgical interventions, they may be accompanied by abundant loss of blood. In the evening you can afford a little bit of dry wine;
24.07 give up eating animal food, prefer fish and mushrooms. Moderate exercise will have a restorative effect;
25.07 one of the best days to visit the baths and saunas. Follow all the steps warnings in public places, as the high probability of catching an infectious disease;
26.07 the time for the handling of the day, visit the sauna and the Wellness massages;
27.07 energy day recommends more time to rest and to be outdoors. Try spending less time in front of the television and computer monitor, fatigue eye fraught with serious vision problems;
28.07 great day for wraps and Contracting procedures. Useful for a variety of nutritious mask for the face. Measured walk in the fresh air will give restful sleep;
29.07 auspicious day for hygiene and cleaning procedures. Excellent time for phytotherapy;
30.07 one of the unique days of the lunar month, when the consumption of sweet not only not forbidden, but even encouraged. Walks in the fresh air and the practice of meditation will have a unique therapeutic effect on the whole organism;
31.07 possible nervous stress and the emergence of aggression, therefore, recommended to be careful about your health. Be careful use of drugs. Refrain from eating fatty foods, alcohol. Useful light exercise.
Be healthy!
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