Магия яичной скорлупы: 6 причин не выбрасывать ее в мусор

But experienced women know: it will help to cope with many difficulties in the household. What?

Will tell you six reasons, when it should be applied.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use egg shells in the farm, don’t forget to prepare: wash thoroughly, remove the film and cook in boiling water 2-3 minutes, drain and grind in a coffee grinder, meat grinder or mortar. Now that magic powder on all occasions ready – begin!


MAKE COFFEE TASTE BETTER. If the boiling water add a pinch of powder from the shell, the flavor will become more vivid, he lost bitterness (calcium neutralizes acid), and the grounds will sink to the bottom.


BLEACHED LINEN. Don’t like to use chemicals while washing? Take egg powder, pour into a tight pouch and put it with dirty linen in the washing machine drum. The clean white linen you get to the exit without problems.


REMOVE THE SCUM. Take a kettle, pour it magic powder from the shell, pour water and leave overnight. In the morning will only have to drain the water and rinse the kettle clean.


CLEAN DISHES. The powder can also be used as a cleaning agent for dishes. Just pour crushed shells into the pan or the surface of the pan and clean brush.


FERTILIZER FOR HOUSEPLANTS. Take 0.5 liters of crushed shell, fill it with water (3 l) and insist during the week. During this time all the nutrients from the shell will go into the water and you can water the flowers.


INCREASE THE YIELD OF TOMATOES, CUCUMBERS AND POTATOES. Gardeners know that if you make the shell into the soil during pereopisanie garden (1 sq m in need of the shell 100 eggs), it will decrease the acidity of the soil, and this means that there will be higher yield.

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