Делаем мышцы живота сильными и красивыми (ВИДЕО)This is one of the reasons for our uncontrolled behaviors in eating.

Unfortunately, life shows that no matter how much you didn’t spend any time in the gym, or worked independently at home, trying to keep your body in good shape, your habits with regards to nutrition make all your efforts in vain.

Older people are very concerned about how to reduce flab on their bodies. This concern is born more as a means of preventing other health problems (e.g. heart disease or diabetes) than to make them look younger and more attractive.

Most people prefer to go on a diet to lose weight. However, it is very dangerous and can even lead to bone fractures due to loss of fat from the diet, and this can lead to loss of bone density, loss of bone mass of the body (start because of the aging process).

Weak stomach muscles can affect the normal functioning of internal organs such as liver, kidneys, pancreas and stomach.

The muscles in the abdomen to facilitate movement of the torso and legs, and provide support and protection for all internal organs. When the abdomen turns into belly, this just means that the abdominal muscles have lost the ability to provide adequate support to the bodies inside. As a result, the authorities are far more greater load than they were originally designed for normal operation. As a result, digestive disorders and back pain.

When the abdomen turns into belly, this just means that the abdominal muscles have lost the ability to provide adequate support to the bodies inside.

Do you watch TV? Of course. How often and for how long? Perhaps you’ve had a rough day, maybe you have experienced stress, of course you want to relax…at the TV.

Did you know that the recently conducted studies have shown that people watching TV more than 2 hours a day, a high probability of poor development of the muscles of the back and abdomen. Actually here and there in the future various diseases.

Moreover, people who experience chronic stress, which is constantly in a state of anxiety is likely to have flabby muscles.

Of course you know also that the constant use of food closer to the night, and some night leads to an increase in the abdomen, even when you train them. Eating the night food, followed by collapsing in bed, a great opportunity to increase your tummy for a couple of inches. When we sleep, all body functions slow down, and that means syedina before that food is not “burned”.

Try to eat several hours before bedtime.

You’ve probably heard from friends that bread, bread products, all sorts of buns are very useful for the body, maybe they’re right, well, nothing that the uncontrolled use of these useful bakery products will soon create one you thick enough.

Keeping our abdominal muscles (the press) in good condition, includes much more factors than just exercise for these muscle groups. You will have to monitor the amount and quality of food you eat, also try to avoid stress.

Did you know that one of your deep abdominal muscles, transverse abdominal muscle plays an important role in stabilizing the spine?

As it happens … This muscle stretches from the anterior part of the stomach and around to around your spine to create a cylindrical shape. This muscle is important for movement of inidual vertebrae of the lumbar spine. She sesinyi shell around it.Weakness of abdominal muscles can lead to problems, backaches and injuries. Therefore, the strengthening of the abdominal muscles play an important role not only for purely aesthetic perception, but also for health.


Excess fat accumulates in the abdomen, the older we get. These exercises like walking and swimming can strengthen your abdominal muscles and burn fat. 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity every day will be excellent to maintain your press in good condition.

How often you need to do exercise for the press, and how to do replays?

You should know that the abdominal muscles recover fast enough, it follows from this that exercises for these muscle groups can and should be done often – almost every day. If you set the goal – to make a flat stomach, extra weights you don’t need. To “pump up” the muscles, is enough your body weight. Repetitions to do quite a lot – up to 15-20 years. The main thing here is not so much the number of approaches, how the correct execution of exercises.

Abdominal muscles very quickly get used to running exercises, so regularly need to modify them.

When you exercise, avoid efect “pendulum” does not swing quickly, as the rocking you just skip the phase when you should include these muscle groups. Concentrate on specific muscle groups and correct execution of the exercises.

How to “pump up” the bottom part of the press ?

The lower area of the rectus worse responds to the load due to the fact that there are fewer nerve endings. Because of this, exercises for lower abdominal muscles seem to be more difficult. They apply the inverse of twists when the knees are brought to the head, and not Vice versa. It is also a good exercise for this muscle is the lifts the torso on incline bench, when your feet are anchored at the top. Do abdominal exercises usually do in the beginning, when a lot of energy. Besides the exercises themselves still warm up the body and muscles, which is very necessary for further training.

The lower abdomen is the place of the stagnation of blood circulation in the sedentary lifestyle, it is here and fat. In addition to exercise additionally it is necessary to take special measures against congestion. Every 30 minutes you have to get up from the table and stand a short walk. Even when sitting, as often as you can strain a press. It helps the blood circulation.

The following shows the basic complex of exercises for various groups of press.

The video shows basic exercises for the various abdominal muscles that you can do at home without resorting to different machines. Pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises.

Working on the Upper part of the press

The elevation of the trunk on a slant BoardLie with your back down on a sloping Board set at any angle (the steeper the angle, the more elaborate the lower part). The feet should be fastened to bench with a belt (or feet are placed under a special bar on the Board). Brush interlock behind head, and you bend the torso upwards. Keep your knees slightly bent.

The elevation of the trunk on a Roman chairYou will definitely need a “Roman chair” to secure the legs in a certain position and allow the torso to drop below parallel to the floor position. Thus, it is studied the abdominal region. Do it in a sustainable rhythm.

Knee lifts on a slant BoardLie back on an inclined Board (the angle of inclination can be changed). Raise legs, bending them at the knees as one climbs. Slowly lower the legs to the position where they needed. Twisting with the rotationLie on the floor. Force abdominal muscles lift your shoulders off the floor and lift the body towards the feet, but try not to touch the hips to the head or stomach. Whilst slightly turn the torso to the right. Do the next repetition with the left turn.

Twisting on the bench with a slope downFor this exercise you will need an inclined bench. Lie with your back down on the bench, bend your knees and move your feet at close range. Hands enclose under a head, elbows dissolve in the parties. Force abdominal muscles, begin to lift your upper body and pull it towards the knees.

Twisting on the blockPick a weight with which you will do 25 reps. Kneel face to a block device, grasp the handle block and start to pull it down, while simultaneously bending to the floor. The abdominal muscles must be in constant tension. Vozvrashaetsja slowly to the starting position.

Twisting on the floorThis option is ordinary crunches engage all of the abdominal muscles. Lower back also lies with the minimum load.Lie on the floor face up, bend your knees, hands enclose under a head, elbows dissolve . The force from the press start to take the shoulders and upper back off the floor. The slowly return to your starting position.

Side twistingIs a great way to reduce the waist. Lie down sideways on the bench so that the part of the body above the waist beyond the edge, and you could freely bend the body up and down. Bending at the waist, slowly lower to the bottom position and slowly rise to starting position.

Working on the lower part of the press

The leg lifts on the weightHang on the bar, hands spread wide. Straight legs, lift them to the position parallel to the floor, then lower. Try not to wobble.Those who cannot perform this exercise with straight legs, it is recommended to start with the knees bent. Pull the bent leg towards the waist and pull your socks down. Few weeks the legs will straighten.

Knee lifts on weightThis exercise is carried out on the bars or in the simulator with supports for the elbows. Turning back to the shell, grip the bars, lean on them, hanging on the elbows. Straight leg pull down, then bend their knees. This is the starting position. Next begin to lift your pelvis up toward your chest. Go back to the original position.

Backward twisting sittingSit on a chair or on the edge of the bench. Stick the hands at the sides of the chair and lean back. Bend your knees and slowly pull them toward your chest. Straighten your legs, pulling them in front of him. Go back to the original position.

Inclinations in the parties with dumbbellsTake your dumbbells and put your arms at your sides. Spread the legs shoulder-width shoulders. Shebites in the waist, first right, then left, bending as low as possible.As mentioned above,preservation of the abdominal muscles strong in addition to purely external effect, can protect you from back pain, improve posture and reduce the risk of falls, which become increasingly important with age.

So, to sum up.

In order to make your stomach muscles nice and strong, and it means to strengthen your health :

– Desire – Proper nutrition – Lack of stress – Regular exercises for the relevant muscle groups.- Correct execution of exercises. Source: pokolenie-x.com

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