Мужской и женский взгляд на изменыМужской и женский взгляд на измены
Betrayal is one of the main topics on the issues of relations between a man and a woman. How to treat treachery? Ask them to forgive? Or ignore? Or just break off the relationship?
There are many points of view. And most often, men’s and women’s views on this question are radically different. We decided to check this, staging a tete-a-tete conversation expert system development of the individual and business Yitzhak Пинтосевича and the knowledge of women of Russian-speaking space and women Larisa Renard.
Typical women’s view: the main thing in relations is that the man could trust, and, most of all, the trust is the main reason to start or not start a serious relationship. Any thing that destroys trust, the women’s perspective, destroys relationships. Trusting man, woman trust him absolutely everything: his life, his future, the lives of their children.
And the basic female characteristic of a betrayal is a betrayal, absolute and irreversible. If a man preferred to another woman, even for one night, this is cheating. Many men believe that men do not change. They refer to what is often claimed, male by the way, the claim that the sex on the side was not serious about being he обыден, immaterial, and therefore not a betrayal. And I’ve never stopped loving you.
Men insist that their body and soul are two separate stories. When a man loves a woman, that is, physical and intellectual attraction, but if the love is real, even spiritual. But at the same time the body of a man, as if he was not tied to a woman intellectually and spiritually, is not bound to anyone. We often hear arguments that man is designed so that it can fertilize several women a day, a woman can get pregnant only once a month and from one man. Hence all the talk that man created полигамным being.
In this dialogue, often have no points of contact, because in the described above terminology men and women speak completely different languages. Everybody remembers that men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
In disputes, as you know, the truth is born. Read the full interview here: Yitzhak Питосевич and Larisa Renard about the infidelities.
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