Мужчины виноваты в наступлении менопаузыМужчины виноваты в наступлении менопаузы
Menopause is an essential step functioning of the female body. It turns out it happening are able to influence men. How – WANT to know.
According to statistics, the majority of men prefer younger women. This is inherent nature, and only some representatives of the stronger sex is chosen companions older than himself. Scientists McMaster University argue that these women a sign of youth (fertility) continues into old age. They have also invented a special model calculations and computer simulations to prove that preferring young women, men cause a number of factors that negatively influence on fertility and ultimately to menopause.
In an interview Sunshine Coast Daily geneticist Rama Singh argues that, if the men liked and older women, nature would allow them as long as possible to maintain the reproductive functions throughout life and to postpone the onset of menopause at a later age.
An interesting fact is that young people living with an older woman, and decided to have a child, influenced the later onset of menopause. Therefore, in our age so easy to explain why many women prefer to live with a partner who is much younger than her.
Internet resources: Men are to blame for the occurrence of menopause

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