Мужчины ненавидят обувь на танкеткеМужчины ненавидят обувь на танкетке
Mistakenly believe that men are indifferent to fashion, style, new changes and trends. It turns out, they are able to assess and even criticize the female image in the details. For example – shoes.
Not so long ago, one of the foreign portals to The Huffington Post has decided to conduct a survey among men. Question formulated thus: How women’s shoes are considered the least attractive? Were interviewed about 2 thousand representatives of a strong half of mankind. The results surprised many. As it turned out, the антисексуальной, антистильной and антипривлекательной, in the opinion of men, is shoes wedges. And no matter its the seasonality. Boots, shoes, boots, sandals, wedges, alas, are presenting them with admiration. This admitted 71% of men.

Even 67% categorically against ugg boots, 63% against кроксов on women’s legs. In addition, in the black list unattractive to men shoes are shoes, clogs, platform shoes, moccasins and ballet flats. What to wear, you ask? The answer is obvious – heels.
Also glad that shoes and sneakers collected the least amount of negative feedback. Will relax your feet after dangerous and high heels and studs.
Internet resources: Men hate shoes wedges

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