Майкл Дуглас извиняется перед женой с помощью бриллиантов

The famous Hollywood actor Michael Douglas once again disappointed wife. Had not his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones recover from the nervous breakdown after the dangerous illness of her husband, as Douglas upset girlfriends his Frank confession.

Star of films “Basic instinct” and “Fatal attraction” 68-year-old Michael Douglas not so long ago recovered from myocardial infarction cancer of the throat. Defeating a terrible illness, he joyously too has opened the heart about his personal life, выболтав candid detail sex with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Moreover, celebrity continues to be interviewed secular хроникерам, revealing new details of her sex life.

Zeta-Jones, which itself recently released from the hospital, where подлечивала nerves, so angry with Michael for his long tongue that it nearly reached the divorce. As a result of excessive talkativeness very costly hapless wife. To appease his wife, Douglas gave her a platinum necklace with diamonds for 40 thousand dollars, writes “7 days”.

By the way, a popular actor admits it is not the first error in the relations with the 43-year-old wife, which is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to unpredictable antics of an aging husband.

Recall that in early June, the actor told the press that transferred them throat cancer has arisen not due to the stress and bad habits. According to Douglas, the cause of cancer became a passion for oral sex.

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