Министр образования и науки Домбровский развелся с женой

Minister of education and science, 36-year-old Vyacheslav Dombrovsky confirmed magazine Privata dzive, divorced by his wife Marina.

As writes magazine, the ex-wife of the Minister of social network has managed to change the surname of the maiden and the status of “married” to “free”.

Comment on the reasons for divorce Minister refused. However, journalists Privata dzive note that a rift in the family Minister was started last year, when Dombrovskyi, the then Deputy suspected of sympathies to the peer Inese Libin-Эгнере. Now on the sidelines of the Sejm, there are rumors that sympathy Dombrowski was awarded to the head of his Desk, ex-press Secretary of the Nile Ushakov Anna Kononova.


Vyacheslav Dombrovsky and Inese Либиня-Эгнере.

From the marriage with his wife Marina, Dombrowski has two children — daughter Stella and Vladislav.

According to the magazine Privata dzive

Photo: MixNews.lv, nra.lv

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