Лунный камень: как выбрать, свойства, поверьяMoonstone is considered a good mascot for those born under the constellation Cancer, June Twins and those who came to light in the full moon or Monday (the day of the week under the auspices of the moon). It can be a good mascot for creative people, help to reveal to them their talents, to give inspiration to encourage creative impulses, as well as develop eloquence. Not recommended to wear his fiery signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The white sea

Where I came from
In ancient times people believed that any stone can become the moon. This requires that it absorbed the light and force of the moon during hundreds or thousands of its полнолуний. Actually moonstone is the commercial name of translucent feldspar (Selenite, pearl spar, mother-of-pearl spar, the white sea, orthoclase, fish eye, adularia), which stone received the blue or silver-white overflow. The largest percentage of production moonstone have to Sri Lanka, where its rich deposits. Moon rocks can be semi-transparent, milky-white or with a light lilac shade, but mostly they bluish-silver with blue flickering inside.
Beliefs related to moonstone
In many countries it is considered that the moonstone is able to protect the person from the harmful influence of the moon because embodies its positive properties. In ancient India adularia was considered a sacred stone was a symbol of hope and fertility. Believed that if you hang moonstone on неплодоносящее tree, it will necessarily fruits, and a woman who are moonstone, bear a healthy and strong children.
They say that the moonstone attracts love and why it is recommended to wear as lonely people, and her beloved, whom he helps to maintain a sense.
Lunar stone is also credited ability отрезвлять from illusions and develop its owner a sense of caution and prudence, which help to overcome life difficulties, cope with stress, relieve anxiety and help you find the right solution. Nature too arrogant, intolerant and заносчивых people moonstone makes more gentle, sensitive and gentle.
Healing properties
It is believed that the moonstone, the antagonist of the Sun, protects from epilepsy, soothes, is able to extinguish the uncontrolled outbursts of anger and aggression, normalizes sleep, treats sleepwalking, scatters the nightmares and delivers sharp, vivid dreams.
As mineral energetically linked with the water element, he is credited with the power to purify the blood and lymph, excrete stones and toxins, remove the tumor, swelling, inflammation and seals, improve heart function. It is useful at diseases of kidneys, a liver and bilious ways, jaundice, disorder functions of the endocrine glands and hormonal imbalance.
It is believed that this mineral easier birth.
How to find the moonstone
Mainly in the jewelry stores sell imitation of moonstone: frosted translucent glass, painted unevenly to achieve the desired effect, or plastic, which is offered under the guise of a natural mineral even in India. Define natural stone can be, turning it into a different sides and carefully watching the reflections that will arise within the natural stone.
Happens this flickering through the invisible eye of the layered structure of stone, and the blue glare occurs when light is reflected from the cleavage plane angle 12-15 degrees. Fake often has the appearance of a solid mass of dairy homogeneous translucent appearance and evenly glitters during the rotation.
Moonstone is rarely with homogeneous transparency without cracks and inclusions, but the glass is always perfect. Adularia is a solid stone, but is sensitive to shocks and compression, so careless handling can lose polishing. In conclusion, we should add that the moonstone jewelry is now quite rare.

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