Большинство мужчин подвержены

Psychologist from Canada Annabel Chen Feng in the result of the study concluded that the men concerned not with what he thinks about the magnitude of the member of the fair sex. Much more important for men’s opinion on this issue colleagues in the “locker room”.

Annabel held an online survey, which was attended by 738 men aged 18 to 76 years. She found that the majority of participants felt uncertain about their weight, body type, and even the size of the penis. But instead of worrying about what people think about all of these shortcomings their friends, many admitted that they are more important than the opinion in this regard male acquaintances.

Dr. Chen stated: “the Male preoccupation penis size rarely affects sexual satisfaction partner. The size of the penis cares more men like competition with other men. Many feel most insecure because of their size, in conditions where they could be seen, for example, in the locker room at the gym”.

Interestingly, those who suffered from the syndrome of changing rooms were really happy with their size, when it came to sex. But the desire to compete with other men led to an obsession bodybuilding, plastic operations on increase of member etc.

In General, the study proves that men as well as women, have serious complexes due to its appearance and shape.

Source: limon.ee

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