Мюли, не нервируй меня: готовим обувь с открытой пяткой!

Shoes with an open heel is a godsend this summer and definitely one of the main Shoe trends. Only fashion experts say not ordinary Slippers, but will give something like babush (babouches), slingback (slingback) and mules (mules). Now look at what kind of animals.

Babouches or babush


The trend is straight out of “Arabian nights”. The babush is shoes with open heel, but closed toe. Inspired by Oriental motifs, shoes originally from Morocco, and their name is borrowed from the Persian papush, which literally means to “cover up”.

In Marrakech this traditional shoes can be purchased at every corner: they are worn by both women and men. With new materials and intricate buckles such boots managed to conquer world’s catwalks.


By the way, we can style this Shoe with anything! Today babush become a real king of the image when they are combined with straight jeans, pants with cuffs or pleated skirt MIDI length.

Slingbacks or slingback


Despite the fact that slingback not quite be called a shoes with open heel, is one of the top footwear fashion of the season. For slingbacks typical is the strap around the back of the foot that gives the foot more stability.


This kind of shoes are designed in different, often alternative stylistic variations: high heel shoes, ballet flats, sandals. Due to the classic shape, slingback are ideal for fashionistas who are looking for something special, because this type of shoes is particularly relevant now offer visual accents: metallic color and chunky heel that goes well with cropped jeans-Boyfriends.

Mules or mules


C of French mules are translated as “Slippers”, but convenience is the only thing that unites these shoes to Slippers.


Mules are a must – have spring-summer season. Shoes are wonderful combined with images of different styles, and in addition they are very comfortable. This is what one of the main reasons why mules are so liked by many fashion lovers.

Resources on the Internet: Mules, not nervous me: making shoes with open heel!

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