< id="">Горчичная маска для волос - рецептA long time ago, when I was in University with me in the room next door lived a girl with luxurious curly hair. They were of a rich dark color with big curls and with a length almost to the waist. She was the envy of all. One day after the summer holidays we all met again on September 1 at the University. And guess what, we all probably had this story in my life, that you were a failed hairdresser. The same thing happened with my neighbor. She came out of the house without his gorgeous mane and trimmed, horribly, hair. Beautiful curls was gone, hair has not got even to the shoulders. The girl was very upset, but we calmed her and gave different tips on how to quickly grow hair. And here is one of her fellow students told that there is a great mustard mask for hair growth. Roommate started doing this mask for hair with mustard once a week. And guess what, less than a month, how much hair has grown back. At prom she went with great hair.

It’s been a few years since. Just recently, I came to this recipe mask for hair growth mustard. But for a different reason. My hair is long but always lacked the thickness. And then I started losing hair and became even rarer. And then I remembered the magical recipe of mustard mask for hair. And began to do the same once a week. Three weeks later the first results: I have stopped losing hair completely, and after a week I noticed that I’m starting to grow a fuzz of new hair. If you lift the bangs and look at the frontal part, you could see the short growing hair. I did not expect such a result. The effect of a mustard mask for hair was simply stunning!

This mask for hair growth mustard is suitable for all who have problems with hair growth or suffering from hair loss. It will strengthen your hair and give them a healthier look.

However, mustard mask for hair can cause harm if you do not follow the basic rules of using the mask from falling out:

1. Mustard is irritant, it warms up the scalp and thus enhances blood circulation. Therefore, the contraindication mustard mask is allergic. Before applying mustard mask for hair on the head, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to wheat. To do this, apply the mustard mixture on the inner side of the hand. If there is no redness and severe itching and a mild burning sensation, it can be calm and not afraid of allergic reactions.

2. For making masks for hair loss only suitable mustard powder, not the ready-made food mustard. Edible mustard contains harmful substances.

3. Mustard mask is applied on unwashed dirty hair.

4. Make sure that the mask does not fall into the eyes because it will cause irritation and burning.

5. Do not dilute the mustard with boiling water, because hot water will begin to release toxic essential oil. Just dilute it with warm water.

6. Don’t insist long mustard mask, because, the more it will stand, the more chemicals will be allocated and hence it will be a great burning of the scalp, and you will not be able long to keep the mask on the head.

7. Keep a mask of mustard on the head, only this time not to overdry the skin on your scalp and do not cause flaking and dandruff. Recommend adding to mask the oil (burdock, olive, or any other cosmetic), which would not give to peresushivaya the skin and hair.

8. Rinse mustard mask best warm water, not hot or cold. Because of the mask, the scalp becomes very sensitive, so the cold or hot water can cause negative effect.

9. After you wash off the mask with the hair, washed the head with regular shampoo. And then be sure to apply the balm. The hair after the mustard mask wasn’t dry.

10. Mustard mask is applied ONLY to the roots of your hair to not retain moisture and so dry the tips. By the way, can the ends of the hair lubricated at the time of the mask. It definitely will not allow them to perenositsya. Mustard hair mask (recipe):

1. Mustard powder – 2 tablespoons;2. Oil or vegetable, or any other beauty – 2 tablespoons;3. One egg yolk;4. Granulated sugar – 2 teaspoons.

But for the first time for mustard mask can use sugar, only 1 teaspoon. It serves to enhance the action of mustard. The more sugar you add to the mask, the more it will burn. So start with the smallest amount of sugar, and at other times, if anything, will increase the number.

The process of making mustard hair mask:

Take a bowl, add the mustard there and all the rest of the ingredients and add two tablespoons of warm water. Mix and apply on hair roots. Put a bag over her head or a shower cap and wrap it up with a towel. If not taken out much to burn, rinse the mask mustard, do not suffer and do not torture yourself. Next time add less sugar.hair mask

Keep the mask for 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water, apply shampoo, then balm. This time it is better to do without drying hair dryer so not to overdry the hair.

Hair mask mustard + sugar + egg yolk and any other cosmetic oil is an excellent remedy for hair growth.

However, you can experiment and add other ingredients. For example, you can do a hair mask of yogurt, mustard and sugar. It is suitable for oily hair. As you can see, we replace the yolk from the egg for yogurt or mayonnaise.

If your hair is dull and weak, you can use mustard with welding and yolk. And to give hair do a hair mask with mustard and gelatin.

How do mustard hair mask?

Depends what type of your hair.

This is the hair mask on for 1 month, then make sure to break for 1 month, then the course may be repeated.

After the course your hair will grow back much. And then will be given more volume at the expense of new hair. Most importantly, don’t forget the basic rules and properly care for your hair.

I hope the mustard hair mask will help you from hair loss and get rid of excess oil (this applies to oily hair) and enhance their growth.

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