Названы продукты, защищающие кожу от солнца

The best way to protect against sunburn – being in shade and use special lotions. But recently, researchers have discovered that a good extra protection to the skin and provide some food.

Although they cannot be considered a full-fledged replacement of sunscreens, the specific benefit in the fight against ultraviolet radiation they give.

On the first place in the “extractable rating” — tomatoes. Also the list includes carrots, mangoes, apricots, melons, citrus fruits, peppers, kiwi, black currant and watercress.

Also in the summer you can add to eat lots of olive oil, more often avocado and unsalted nuts or seeds. A little dark chocolate does not hurt – 20 g per day increases the body’s resistance sunburn twice. Only take care that chocolate had more of cocoa.

Experts remind that all these products are not a substitute creams and lotions with sun protection factor, but if summer is back often, you can further 5-10% less harm to the sun skin.

Source: medikforum.ru

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