Названы самые сексуальные армии мира

Famous British tabloid The Sun published the results of the survey to identify the country with the most sexual army. It turned out that, despite the constant sex scandals, the representatives of Israel settled only on the 6th place in the overall list.

Photo: Flickr/by Israel Defense Forces

Most respondents liked the soldiers girls Romania.

«Despite the lack of firepower strongest world powers, the Romanian army

has a secret weapon of the sexiest women in uniform»,

– writes the edition.

The second place was taken by the beauty of the armed forces of the fictional «the Republic of Вадийя» from the film «Dictator» with Sasha Baron Cohen. Closes a three of leaders of the Russians, and the fourth and fifth place was shared by polka and representatives of the army of Greece.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Scanpix

Further places were distributed as follows: Israel, great Britain, Finland, Serbia, Sweden, the USA, Pakistan, Australia and China.

As noted by NEWSru.com, took part in the survey about 16 thousand people. The 111 respondents voted for the girls from the power structures of the Palestinian authority. Overall rating break soldiers from St. Lucia, Colombia, Libya, Mexico and Indonesia.

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