Назван самый неблагоприятный месяц для зачатия ребенкаНазван самый неблагоприятный месяц для зачатия ребенка
American scientists have found that not so much a way of life of parents affects the health of their children as a month, when the child was conceived.
It turned out that the children conceived in may, more often born prematurely and susceptible to disease influenza. While the kids conceived in the summer, relatively healthy weight. Such studies published journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Studies were made on the basis of the data of social services of America, collected during the birth of the almost 1.5 million kids in new York, new Jersey and Pennsylvania.
First, the purpose of physicians was to determine how the habits and way of life of parents can affect the health of the unborn baby. However, found that even if the parents were not exactly a healthy way of life, the baby is almost no effect. Instead, doctors discovered that there is a connection between the period of conception and many factors in the first days of life crumbs. More precisely month of conception determined the mass of the newborn and its immunity.
According to the research results, may – most unfavorable month of conception. May little children often suffer from flu and other diseases and often were premature. Currently, doctors exact cause is called can’t. One of the assumptions that may children are born in January-February, during epidemics of influenza.
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