Названы топ 5 модных брендов в соцсетях
Marketing office Dachis Group identified which currently fashionable brands are popular social networks such as Facebook, Dropbox and Twitter.
For this were taken into account the following data: number of subscribers grades, reference positions, growth of audience, page views, and so on.
Just participated in the ranking 60 brands, but the first five of leaders is:
1st place: Victoria’s Secret
Facebook: 22,635,107
Dropbox: 2,171,801
Twitter: 2,377,726
2nd place: Burberry
Facebook: 15,480,163
Dropbox: 872,635
Twitter: 1,966,993
3rd place: HM
Facebook: 15,115,223
Dropbox: 869,022
Twitter: 2,270,270
4th place: Louis Vuitton
Facebook: 1,132,388
Dropbox: 14,292,047
Twitter: 545,690
5th place: FOREVER 21
Facebook: 8,309,777
Dropbox: 1,474,190
Twitter: 1,119,607
As you can see, the five most popular fashion brands in social networks were two representatives of the world luxury – Burberry and Louis Vuitton, as the company they were three brand discharge mass market-Victoria’s Secret, HM and Forever 21. After them follow in the ranking well as GAP, DolceGabbana, Vans, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Coach, Old Navy, Gucci and Dior.

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