Новый beauty-хит: тату-наклейки для губ (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

In the United States have become increasingly popular tattoo stickers and lip pencils, thanks to which makeup is a matter of two to three minutes.

The idea of creation belongs to the owner of the company Violent Lips Jeff Хаддаду, which, in turn, stimulated creation of the brand of his savvy daughter. Once young Isabella and Sofia decided to stick to my mother’s temporary tattoo Chanel yourself on the lips. The idea was so pleasant and Jeff, and girls, that soon the father of a 16-year-old Isabella launched the production of a tattoo stickers. Mark quickly noticed stickers mentioned, among others, the Italian Vogue, Elle and Allure.

In fact, these transporting does not differ from the normal (hold, however, less – up to 8 hours), but manufacturers emphasize that the Violent Lips do not contain latex and gluten and are not tested on animals.

What is really surprising variety of prints, colors and textures: a glitters, дуохромы, patterns like “goose paws” and just plain stickers, indistinguishable from lipstick.


The ruler also recently launched labels for a century of Violent Eyes is not so wide, just 11 shades (but in every pack of 4 pairs of arrows in different shapes), but promises to become more diverse. What we like about the adequate price: set of 3 переводок lip and 4 century costs only $ 10.

Source: wonderzine.com

Photo: Violent Lips/Facebook

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