Новый сервис: виртуальные поцелуи от Burberry и Google (ВИДЕО)

The popular search engine Google and British luxury brand Burberry teamed up to launch a unique service Burberry Kisses, allowing users of computer devices to send virtual kisses around the world.


According to representatives of the companies, thus they wanted to add more emotion in the “cold” computer technologies.

How does it all work? First you need to go to the site kisses.burberry.com where you will be asked to impress your kiss on the web camera on your computer or laptop.


Further the special programme Inc. will digitize the outline of your lips and undermine their mark on an envelope that you can send to your friends in Google+ or any other popular social network.

It is worth noting that the service also supports mobile devices with touch screen, but then one camera will not do – will have the most natural way to kiss the screen of the smartphone, and the stronger you приложитесь lips to electronic gadget, the more saturated color will have acquired fingerprint.

In addition, users can choose one of five different colors of lipstick and attach to a virtual kiss text message.

In addition, using the services, such as Google Earth and Street View, you can see how envelopes with kisses fly around our planet and find out what city of the world’s most “amorous”.

photo: a screenshot youtube.com

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