СМИ: у министра Винкеле и экс-министра Килиса роман?

Journal Privata Dzive wondered whether the truth to the rumors that the Minister of welfare Ilze Винкеле and ex-Minister of education and science of Robert the city of Kilis have developed a romantic relationship.

According to the information which has come to the journalists in April, spouse Ilze Винкеле, doctor Juris Винкелис, jealous for Mrs. Minister Robert Килису, and between them even happened something like fights. Then Robert Kilis resigned, and Ilze Винкеле allegedly adopted a decision to live separately from their spouse.



Ilze Винкеле and Robert Kilis in the photo project of the Cabinet of Ministers, during which they were photographed with works by local designers and for the first time looked like ordinary people.

Journalists Privata Dzive decided to ask questions about what is happening to all involved in a situation of persons. However, from Robert the city of Kilis no reply has yet been received, and Mrs. Винкеле said that her marital status is reflected in its official Declaration. And no more comments about his personal life.

Telephoned journalists and wife of Robert the city of Kilis, Director LTV Агите Zanè-Kiel, which прокомментироваласитуацию: “Not that my husband now lived anywhere else, that he left home. It simply does not exist! If it was, I would have said. Another question, where and why he goes afternoon?”

With regard to the husband Ilze Винкеле, he also refused to comment.

Recall that Ilze Винкеле with her husband married 21 years, they have three sons — 20-year-old jēkabs, 16-year-old Antis Антонс and 10-year Juris.

As for Robert city of Kilis, he married to second wife Агитой daughter Sophia Elizabeth, who is now 4 years. From the first marriage of the ex-Minister has 24-year-old son Эмилс and 18-year-old daughter of March.

According to the magazine Privata Dzive

Photo: MixNews.lv

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