Николь Кидман: рыжая, как когда-то, и сексуальная, как никогда

20 June Kidman celebrated its 46-year anniversary, but in the pictures it looks much younger. Of course, not a young virgin, and fatal seductress. That was the basis of the ideas of the campaign.

Photo-shoot in style «Noir» held photographer Mikael Jansson, and, according to him, he’s a good one to present the actress in the role of «sensual протагонистки».

It is worth noting that, when it became aware of the appointment of Nicole «face» Jimmy Choo, secular observers were intrigued. Not a secret, that usually the designers of the brand prefer a photo shoot with a strong sexual connotations, while

Kidman prefers discreet elegance.

In the end managed to combine both directions.

«I really enjoyed playing the role of a strong and sexy, ” said Nicole. We Mikael have a special relationship during operation. You can even say, we understood each other intuitively,

he knew, that I think, and feel, and managed to capture it on camera.»

Photos of an advertising campaign with the participation of Nicole appear in glossy magazines in August. And creative Director Sandra Chu just very happy with the result of the work with the Hollywood star. «It is perfectly conveyed the mood of our autumn-winter collection. Her character embodies several female characters – a strong, sexy, with a touch of mystery and mysticism».

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