Диетолог Пьер Дюкан даст мастер-класс в КиевеДиетолог Пьер Дюкан даст мастер-класс в Киеве
on July 27 in the Ukrainian capital held a master-class from the guru nutrition Pierre Dukan diet. Lose weight onhis system being in the company successful and famous stars such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Gisele Bundchen. His bestseller I can’t lose weight every divergent millions of copies.
Famous nutritionist, whose power systems adhere to the millions of men and women all over the world, among which our Ukrainian ladies, will talk about how to lose weight without stress to the body, on new trends in nutrition, as well as give advice on healthy nutrition in the conditions of saturated everyday work.
learning how to live not adding weight;
tips for a business lady and businessmen on nutrition in the conditions of hard labor;
new directions in dietology;
nutrition as a way of life – how to be slim, well-fed and energetic;
how to preserve the beauty and health, not limiting delicacies.
Beginning at 18:00. Address:, Kiev, hotel InterContinental Kiev, big hall (Velyka Zhytomyrska street, 2A).

On all matters relating to ticket reservations, please call: (044) 585 93 61 and (067) 232 22 84 or by e-mail: info@adlgroup.com.ua. Details on the website: www.dukan.kiev.ua.

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