6 июля на Йомас дизайнеры покажут курортные коллекции

on 6 July, the day of the Feast of Jomas street, Latvian and foreign designers in the framework of the project Jurmala Resort Collections on a special podium at Hotel Jurmala SPA resort will show collection.

In General, from 6 to 31 July, Jurmala will become the center of fashion, moving beyond the usual показыместных and invited designers. The organizers of the event, the company Latexpo, decided to extend the time frame series calendar defile” turns into something more, the third calendar measurement called Jurmala Resort Collections, which will be held in Hotel Jurmala SPA .

Revival of the tradition of the Spa collection

To maintain freshness and novelty fashion trends in a rapidly changing fashion world, designers create not only the classical collections twice a year, but other, in particular — resort collections (holiday collection).

The founders of traditions of the resort collections steel Coco Chanel, Jean Patou, and Elsa Schiaparelli in the early 20-ies of the last century. The second birth of the resort collections accounted for 90-E. Appeared jet set (wealthy travelers) – ladies and young people who are looking for fun traveled a lot, choosing for their visits, the special closet. Thanks so travelers designers began to build a new cruise collections (resort collection).

Today the resort collection is at the peak of popularity, and more and more designers create their own versions of clothes for rest. Almost all the major international brands presented in this year their cruise collections. Miami, Ibiza, San Tropez, Singapore and other resort areas are becoming places of fashion shows. The turn came and Jurmala.

Jurmala Resort Collections is a series of planned events whose main task is to help the development of infrastructure aimed at popularization of the resort collections in resort cities and increase in sales of designer collections.

Jurmala Resort Collections

6 июлясостоится opening of Jurmala Resort Collections 2013, timed to the holiday of Jomas street, culminating with a gala show, which will be attended by Latvian designers and concept stores. The second gala show will be held on 20 July, at the junction of the two brightest international festivals taking place in Jurmala.

Guests impressions are waiting for two podiums, which are placed so that the defile will be able to see the maximum number of guests, among whom are representatives of leading mass-media of Latvia, influential лицаиндустрии fashion and beauty, guests of Jurmala.

First podium will be located on the terrace of the Hotel Jurmala SPA is designed for landing 120 VIP guests. The second will be out on the street, Jomas street. Latvian fashion literally take to the streets of town and is the most affordable.

The program Jurmala Resort Collections 2013 6 July:

12.40 Show-room show – Jurmala Spa collection (25 minutes);

13.40 Show-room show – Jurmala Spa collection (25 minutes);

14.40 Show-room show – Jurmala Spa collection (25 minutes);

18.00 – 19.00Вечерний Gala show author’s collections of designers and concept stores.

The collection, which will see guests Jurmala Resort Collections


ANNA LED is a brand of the leading Latvian designer clothing and accessories Anna Ледскалнини. In the collection the emphasis is on the clothes of linen, wool, silk and Jersey. The collection is made only from high quality natural materials and is calculated successful and elegant women of all ages.


VIGINTY Couture— brand was born in Riga in 2005 and became famous thanks to collections of ultra-feminine dresses. The founder and creative Director of the brand, Ava Вигинти was born and grew up in Riga and studied fashion design in Los Angeles. The combination of Riga elegance and California chic is the main distinguishing feature of the brand.


IOVA– symbol of the untimely and elegant fashion. Specializes in brand – fur products, ranging from fine furs and ending with the original fur accessories. Recently designers IOVA released its first cruise collection service, which provided the inspiration 50th years of the last century. The basis of the cruise collection – cocktail dresses, shirts and pants made of a high quality silk and chiffon.


Paviljons— under this name is not the first годсуществуют concept сторы created by Latvian designers graduated from the Latvian Academy of arts. Guests of the show will see the cruise collections of such brands as QooQoo, One Wolf, Im your shirt, Elina Dobele – ZOFA.


SALT – solution for the lady who is versed in fashion, has its own style, appreciates the quality-price ratio. The brand with the limited edition models characterize captivating elegance and, by the way, attractive rates.


Inga Тауриня – designer and master’s degree student of the art Academy of Latvia, the name of which is already known to the pros fashion world. And this name means the amazing, unusual and sensual outfits.


Lilly Яхило — Atelier Estonian designer is engaged in the design and manufacture as collections of separate sets of women’s and men’s clothing. In the models of combines sensual forms and detailed embroidery. For collections characterized by a tendency to the elegant lines, femininity and practicality.


Korona Original Brand Shop — newly opened Riga магазинпредставит clothing, footwear and accessories of such famous brands as Brunello Cucinelli, Cesare Paciotti, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Bikkembergs, John Galliano, Moschino and Armani Jeans.

The models for the show will prepare a team of professionals. For hairstyles responsible hairstylist with 15 years experience, the co-owner of the salon Vita Stile Tatiana Kovaleva. When creating hairstyles will be used косметикаALRAPARF Milano. Makeup — from Micabella Cosmetics and Imuarti Studio under руководствомИрины Салиш.

Immediately after the showing of the collection will be exhibited for sale in the show-room where the buyers will have the opportunity to приобрестиработы designers, clothing, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, cosmetics and works of art that will be assembled under one roof. Show-room will operate from 6 to 31 July daily. Buyers waiting for a comfortable lounge atmosphere, screenings, meetings with partners and designers.

Jurmala Resort Colleсtions is the opportunity to show what is being sold that are and that is beautiful. Jurmala Resort Colleсtions – этонестандартноерешение, the purpose of which — provide customers with the Latvian fashion as a whole.

Read more about Jurmala Resort Colleсtions — on the website latexpo.lv.

Photo: Maris Морканс/MixNews.lv Aiga Редмане, Oskars Лудвигс, press photo

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