26 июля в Ocean Plaza пройдет ночь распродаж26 июля в Ocean Plaza пройдет ночь распродаж
Summer is a season of new purchases, discounts and sales. It is hardly possible to find a woman who will remain indifferent to these words.
Against шопоголии no vaccination, but this is the most harmless disease. Besides, very often the shopping helps to get out of depression, apathy and switch from sad thoughts. Yes and of itself, shopaholism – lesson pleasant, cheerful, fascinating, capable to give a lot of happy and positive emotions.
If you are an avid Shopaholic, but for some reason long time did not take part in races shopping, good news!
on July 26, on Friday, in the shopping center Ocean Plaza will be held sales Night. The event will start at 22:00 and will end all to 03:00.
This is a great event for all the fashionistas, as well as people who receive a sheer pleasure of shopping with good discounts. Everyone and all, who suffers from insomnia, can come to the Ocean Plaza and buy things with discounts up to 70%. In addition, in the framework of the magic of shopping night will be held drawing of the trip to the ocean.
But that’s not all surprises from the organizers. During the Night of sales free you can do my hair and makeup, as well as enjoy the songs bright and sexy girls from group NIKITA.
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