На ХОЧУ стартовал квест «Польза моря в каждом блюде» от ТМ «Salute di mare»На ХОЧУ стартовал квест «Польза моря в каждом блюде» от ТМ «Salute di mare»
On the portal WANT to start the quest the Use of sea in every dish from TM Salute di mare!

Quest in translation from English means search of adventure. And we offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of adventure and go in search of useful elements that are in every box of the marine food salt Salute di mare!

Find the site I WANT packing with sea salt with the indication of the useful elements that it contains. Click on image packages to collect useful elements and win valuable prizes!

Daily articles partitions find package of sea salt from the elements. Only you will be able to collect 14 useful elements for a week! Each week between the participants, who will gather 7 or more elements contained in sea salt draw will be held sets of products from TM Salute di mare.

Those participants who have collected throughout the quest 30 or more useful elements, will participate in the drawing for drying of vegetables and fruits, blender and sets from TM Salute di mare.

Find a package with elements you can throughout the site I WANT in particular, in the sections devoted to beauty, health, life style and home. Read our materials and look for clues!

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