Поздравляем крокодила: Lacoste принимает подарки от модных Домов

Birthday pleased to receive luxurious gifts, and especially if it’s not just luxury gifts, and unique items made in a small number of copies. His 80-year anniversary mark Lacoste decided to celebrate this so invited 9 prestigious French fashion houses create a unique gifts, each of which must be beaten corporate symbol Lacoste crocodile.

Crystal house Baccarat centuries of history presented Lacoste Cup inspiration to the creation of which provided a sport trophies family Rene Lacoste. From the jewelry house Boucheron, whose decoration Rene Lacoste gave to his wife, mark was 2 exclusive brooches with the image of a crocodile. The company Christofle, known for the production of jewelry of silver, created a club of this precious metal, dedicating it to his wife and daughter of Rene Lacoste professional experience in Golf. Luxury gifts for Lacoste prepared fashion houses Goyard and Hermes – exclusive bags for sports and recreation. Model from Goyard, white leather, with a pattern of chevrons is intended for travel, and a unique sample of Hermes alligator – for tennis. There are in the list of gifts to the anniversary of the Lacoste and tasty gifts: confectionery house FAUCHON specially manufactured eclairs, glazed green, crimson and white colors in the original scheme Lacoste.

And that’s not all gifts! We join to all congratulations and wish Marche Lacoste success and longevity!

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