«Тихоокеанский рубеж» и еще 4 лучших фильма уикенда

We advise you to go this weekend at the new film from Guillermo del Toro’s «Pacific Rubezh» about monsters and robots, the Comedy «Lord of love» about the English порномиллионера, the tragicomedy «tango libres about a prisoner who has just learned Argentine dance, and a domestic Comedy by Philip Lelouch’s «Game of truth».

Go to the cinema!

Action «Pacific Rubezh»

Боевик «Тихоокеанский рубеж» Action «Pacific Rubezh»

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Scenario: Travis Бичэм, Guillermo del Toro

Producers: John Джэшни, Mary Пэрент, Thomas Tull, Mary Пэрент, Gillian Sachs, Thomas Tull

Operator: Guillermo Navarro

In roles: Neil Wheatley, David Richmond Peck, Mana Ashida, Mark Балдесарра, Milton Barnes

Guillermo del Toro has not represented his films since 2008 («Hellboy 2: the Golden army»), but often appeared on posters as a producer. This summer, the famous Mexican Director gives the public a powerful blockbuster about the fight of huge вреднющих monsters кайдзю, conceived to destroy the humanity, and the hulking robot, designed by mankind for self-defense. War comes to an end, on the earth there were only a few robots-giants that will кайдзю last fight. And here you see a grandiose action. Ocean monsters will be killed, but I think del Toro pity them. Much more than people, which in the film and there is no really.

Comedy «Lord of love»

Comedy «Lord of love»

Director: Michael Uinterbottom

Scenario: Matt Greenhalgh

Producer: Melissa Парментер

Operator: Hubert Тачановски

In roles: Liam Boyle, Chris Addison, Matthew Beard, Greg Bennett, Steve Coogan

In Russia Paul Raymond isn’t as famous as at home in Britain. He was a musician, the owner of a night club, a millionaire and billionaire, the publisher and the father of the daughter Debbie, which is planning to transfer its largely porn, business. But the girl died of a drug overdose at the age of 32. After this, the «father» of the entertainment industry, in which cocaine was used material, retreated and lost interest in life. «Lord of love», a film about the clown, made porn profitable reminds me of «the People vs. Larry Flynt», but it is done without love.



Drama «Camille Claudel, 1915»

Drama «Camille Claudel, 1915»

Director: Bruno Dumont

Scenario: Bruno Dumont

Producers: Rashid Бушареб, Jean Брехат, She Merlin

Operator: Гийоме Henry

In roles: Juliette Binoche, Jean-Luc Vincent

Beautiful Binoche really wanted to weigh in Dumont, and he made up for it the tragic role of Camille Claudel. It so happened small-scale film about Muse Rodin, упеченную relatives in the nuthouse.

Here everything is real: the French mental hospital, demented patients and doctors, dressed in the costumes of the last century. And Binoche, truly living the drama Madame Claudel, which does not want to pull out from the hospital envying her talent brother… Here and there shadows appear sculptures, made up of figures patients, Camilla mumbles diary notes and notes records, and we understand that salvation and the output will not be. Camilla lived in the hospital for 30 years and died there…


Tragicomedy «tango libres

Tragicomedy «tango libres

Director: Frederick Fonteyn

Scenario: Philip Бласбан, Ann Полицевич

Producers: Philip Боффард, Thomas Лейерс

Operator: Virginie Saint-Martin

In roles: Francois Damien, Sergi Lopez, Jan Хамменекер, Daniel Альтовино, Christoph Росиньон

Woman dancing tango with заскучавшим prison guard. And then he meets her in her work: she came to her husband, who is sitting behind bars. On request husband stop dancing with the jailer, a woman does not respond, and the jealous man decides for himself to learn exquisite dance. With whom? Of course, with comrade in misfortune. Because of this we expect impressive sight – Zeki performing a passionate tango. All film, as it is a dance – a riot of passions that sometimes you have to hold it. They burn brighter.


The Comedy «the Game of truth»

The Comedy «the Game of truth»

Director: Victor Шамиров

Scenario: Victor Шамиров, Gosha Kutsenko

Producer: Timur Bekmambetov

Operator: Semyon Yakovlev

In roles: Irina Apeksimova, Konstantin Yushkevich, Dmitry Maryanov, Gosha Kutsenko 

Three old classmates are going to the apartment of one of them for a drink and a relaxed chat. The landlord has prepared a surprise: invited guests one that all my friends were in love with long ago. Stunned, they start playing in truth: be honest answer all questions. The game soon ceases to be funny. The last twenty years leave, if they were not, and in the foreground again youthful love, resentment and secrets.

This film grew out of the play with the same cast and Director.


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