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Fashion House Christian Dior presented the summer collection of makeup 2013 Bird of Paradise (Paradise bird). All the posters shot against a bright and beautiful feathers of peacocks, shimmering blue, turquoise, green and Golden shades.

In line includes several палеток shadows (Blue Lagoon and Peacock), Golden and silver liquid shadows, бронзирующая powder, three lipstick and four balm-pencil, and the green eyeliner and Aki nail bright tones. In the collection of leaves and BB-cream – is a real godsend for the summer season.

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Чем заняться киевлянам в заснеженной столице?
The Ukrainian capital continues to struggle with the elements, which has become a real disaster: the residents and guests of the city were now in the snow captivity. Municipal authorities asking not to use cars as possible to help the needy, and tomorrow’s Monday, March 25, and it did the day.
The last three days many people try to staying at home. I WANT to give their recommendations about how to spend leisure time in Kiev in the snow-covered city.
A whole family or a smiling child on the background of четырехметрового the snow – a quantity of snow neither the capital nor Ukraine as a whole have not seen the last hundred years. So it is not surprising that many take the camera, dress warmly and seal the snow Apocalypse outside the window.
Extend winter fun
This is the most optimum time to take a ride on a snowboard, skiing and sledging, snow mass, extra output is available and furthermore, the transport does not interfere. Adults on an equal basis with them can have fun and remember your own childhood.
Have tea
A Cup of hot coffee, tea or chocolate, and a walk on the snow-covered Park, a game in snowballs, modeling snowman – all this can easily bring in the life of romance, lightness of being and positive. Try it!
Go to the theater, cinema or cafe
Even if the window is falling snow, in the near cinema or theatre cozy, warm and… informative. Scroll to time for cultural activities, enjoy the company of family or friends. You can arrange a spiritual gatherings in the cafe.
Remember hobby
Embroidery, decoupage, painting the landscape outside the window or мыловарение – on favorite activity usually is not enough time, but that’s when the window is whirling snow, fit to do the things you long delayed.
Take care of yourself
Masks, peelings, depilation, аромаванна manicure and pedicure with ” if you have nothing to do, enjoy yourself. It is always relevant, useful and rewarding.
To organize leisure of the house
If you do not want to leave the apartment, organize cheerful leisure house. This can be Board games with the children, cooking dinner or watching interesting TV programs. And whatever you do in these snow days, remember that the most important thing – pastime should unite your family, bring pleasure to both adults and children.

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Как правильно ухаживать за замшевой обувью?
Suede leather is the skin fat tanning. High-quality suede shoes are made from the skins of deer or sheep.

Suede shoes are not recommended to wear in rainy weather is also not recommended to wear it at a low temperature.

The following tips to care for suede shoes will help you to save it attractive as long as possible:

– New suede shoes should be treated the means, which will protect shoes from ingress of moisture and dirt. This processing will slow down pollution and facilitate the removal of stains with a suede leather.

– Before you begin to care for suede shoes, it is necessary to dry. Then brush the dust and light pollution brush, and залоснившиеся place wipe special rubber band.

– If pollution suede shoes should be cleaned with a brush moistened in warm soapy water, in which you can add ammonia in a ratio of 1:5. After that suede need to rinse with cold water. Then suede shoes should be polished with a soft cloth and hold over the steam.
– Grease stains on suede can be removed with petrol or with talcum powder for several hours, after which he carefully removed with a brush.

– For the daily cleaning and refreshment colors should be used paint aerosol for suede leather. It will help repel dirt and prevent the formation of salt divorce.

– It is not recommended to use the regular cream for footwear in the care of a suede leather.

– Suede shoes must be cleaned rubber brushes. If you keep suede over the steam, the pile would deal a lot better.

After cleaning it is necessary to leave suede shoes dry, after which you can pick up the fibers of the skin with the help of креповой brushes.

– Impregnation, which protects suede shoes from water, snow and salt should be applied in the period of active precipitation.

– Usually, the moisture of the Shoe goes through 20 hours. You should periodically to allow your shoes air to suede leather could be completely dry.

– Do not store suede shoes in plastic bags.

– To update залосненных sites suede shoes should be clear them from dust and dirt brush, then wipe with a dry dining salt.


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MBKFD: показ NATASHA ZINKO осень-зима 2013-2014
Ukrainian designer, with the incredible popularity in London, Natalia Зинько presented the new collection autumn-winter 2013-2014, on which it inspired prehistoric animals, namely, pterodactyls. Watch the video to display in the framework of theMercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

MERSEDE FASHION DAYS 2day from hochu on Vimeo.

Video and editing:Andrey Lieutenant asked

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Психологи предлагают лечить женскую депрессию мужчиной
Psychologist Norman Sartorius from Switzerland offers a new non-drug treatment of depression in women.

The scientist believes that the regular oral sex can help the beautiful gender cope with depressed mood. Article Norman Сарториуса quotes the edition of New Scientist.
According to the psychologist, oral sex to help women get rid of stress and bad habits, which lead to depression. This kind of therapy increases the tone of the nervous system, and promotes mental calmness. An important role in a still-effect plays and hidden incentives natural сосательного reflex during фелляции.

By the way, the psychologist is paying attention, that men and the treatment of women’s depression should go for the soul.


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25 марта в ТРЦ Ocean Plaza Тимати встретится с поклонниками
March 25 in the shopping center Ocean Plaza will be held on hip-hop dance battle and freestyle rep battle in support of the launch of the first in Ukraine magazine Black Star. The gala event will be attended by the founder of the brand well-known artist, musician, actor, businessman and music producer Timati.
Guests of the trade-entertainment center will become eyewitnesses of battles hip-hop dancers and performers turnips, which will be accompanied by stirring music, the work of the virtuoso DJ and a leading figure. The event will be part of the best of the best, and the winners will get valuable prizes from the Black Star. Visitors of the shopping Mall Ocean Plaza also will be able to participate in selecting the winner of the competition and get a flyer with a discount on the products of a fashion brand.
Hip-hop and freestyle батлы will be held on the second floor of the Mall Ocean Plaza at 18:00. In the framework of the event Timati with pleasure to have a talk with all the willing and hold autograph-session.

Source: press-service of the TEC Ocean Plaza

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Овощная диета от Синди Кроуфорд
In his 47 years Cindy Crawford looks great. Helps her in this vegetable diet, the main advantage of which is that the result is stored for a long time. That is, dropping weight, you will at some time be able to forget about the constant control of the figure.
To achieve results, refrain from starchy foods and sweets, and go on the cabbage-vegetable soup. Cooks it to taste, add all vegetables except potatoes. In the list of the selected ingredients is very welcome celery. And, of course, as a major component must act cabbage, thanks to which you can achieve a feeling of satiety. The soup can be eaten as many as you want. But be careful that the portions were small; it is better to eat more often, but less, than Vice versa.
The classic recipe soup: 1 small head of cabbage, 6 Morkovin, 6 bulbs, 6 feathers green onions, 2 Bulgarian pepper, 3 tomatoes, a bunch of celery. It is allowed for a few minutes before end of cooking, add the broth third of a glass by simmering rice. The greens are also put at the end of the cooking process.
Diet is designed for a week. Every day it is there are plenty of juicy fruit and vegetables. Bananas, potatoes and sweet fruits such as figs or grapes, it is better not to get carried away. On Tuesday, you can afford a baked potato. Source of animal protein serve as milk and yogurt, their use in the second half of the day. On Thursday, except cabbage-vegetable soup, it is recommended to eat 3-6 bananas and drink 7 cups of skim milk. On Friday in an unlimited number of eat fish, and on Saturday, boiled chicken fillet.
Author: Maria Lukina

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Сколько стоит примерка платья от Веры Вонг?
A famous American fashion designer wedding dresses, manufactured under the brand Vera Wang, Vera Wang made the innovation in its sole showroom in Shanghai, she began taking money with brides for the fitting wedding dress.
New shop in China Wong opened recently, and fans of the brand went crazy with happiness, gloom which could only request sellers pay for a 90-minute fitting attire of $ 300.
Clients and many critics were against such laws, regulations, accusing the designer in contempt of the buyers and the star of illness, but the fashion bloggers agree that she made the right decision. In particular, we are talking about the fact that while other fashion brands bribe potential brides discounts and free refreshments in the salons, mark Vera Wang invites the girls compete for a luxury models of wedding dresses. Well and in addition to all China will now know what damage the reputation of their brand cheap imitations he could not.

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If you have gathered in the next few days to visit the Ukrainian capital, it is better to refrain from the visit. Kiev still struggling with the elements, which struck the city on March 22.

Land transport here almost never walks, only functions of the metro. Over the past day in the city we had about 40 million tons of snow, there are mounds of snow height of from 1 up to 4 meters. Bread and dairy products in the shops there, so as car manufacturers do not risk to go to the city and stand in the kilometer traffic jams for hours. Taxi drivers or not ride calls, or are taking orders for fabulous money.
However, the children, as well as the avid skiers and snowboarders rejoice in the abundance of snow, as evidenced by the numerous photos in соцстеях. About a dozen of interesting shots you can see in our gallery, but here is the weather forecast for the whole of Ukraine and in Kyiv in particular, you’ll find the friendly portal Today in the capital of the forecasters predict the temperature of the air from -10 up to -8 C, cloudiness (sky coverage) and a fine snow.

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The famous American singer, a 73-year-old Tina Turner married her long-time boyfriend, a 53-year-old music producer Erwin Bach.

Tina and Erwin are already 27 years, and finally decided to formalize relations. A huge celebration will be held this summer in the Swiss city of Кюснахт, where the couple lives since 1998.

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” with reference to the Swiss media, invitations to the event has been sent out. Guests will come to him in white clothes, and a luxurious dinner cooked your favorite chefs of the legendary performer Rico Цандонелла and Horst Петерманн.

The singer has recently stated that he felt very happy. However, a few years ago Tina didn’t even want to hear about marriage, in spite of the fact that her current elect has long offered her a hand and heart. The reason for thinking for a long time was a previous marriage singer — the former, the now deceased spouse Turner within 16 years of a joint life terrorized her, humiliating physically and morally.

In 1976, the performer has got a divorce, and in 1986, at the peak of his solo career, met and fell in love with Erwin Bach. The pair began to live together since the mid-1990s.

Let’s remind, that recently the artist took the citizenship of Switzerland, renouncing U.S. passport, than was shocked now former countrymen.

Photo: AFP/Scanpix

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