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Как избавиться от синдрома хронической усталости?
Chronic fatigue syndrome – this is not a disease, but it is an unhealthy state of the modern man, which knocks him out of the usual mode.

As a rule, a person cannot give himself an accurate diagnosis, and write off your status on the depression or depression. The main features of the syndrome of chronic fatigue include: unnecessary anxiety, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, a constant feeling of hunger, changes in mood, memory loss, indifference, disruption of the work of intestines and a bad dream. If any of the above happens with you now, it’s time to take care of their emotional state and to begin treatment. The first thing strengthen the immune system and the nervous system.

Prepare for yourself useful paste of honey and nuts, which will help you to calm down and return to a normal state. One glass of nuts, mix with a glass of liquid honey and place in the refrigerator. Take one tablespoon three times a day for two weeks.

Prepare freshly squeezed grape juice. Every time before eating, eat two tablespoons juice until then, until you start to feel better.

Pine needles is an excellent means for the improvement of emotional state, soothes, relieves headaches and relaxes. In the forest gather needles, thoroughly wash it and dry it in the oven for no more than 15 minutes. Two tablespoons pine needles grind, pour 200 ml of water and leave for 30 minutes on a small fire. After add three tablespoons of honey, cover for an hour. Take one tablespoon of the drink before going to bed for the past 10 days.

Try to visualize the old recipe: add 200 ml of milk 0,5 tbsp. dry flower of chamomile and bring to a boil. After add one tablespoon of liquid honey, strain and take every evening before bedtime.

Strengthen the immune system and improve health in General will help the seeds of pumpkin seeds, honey and cognac. Take 0.5 cups of peeled seeds, pour their liquid honey and add 2 tablespoons of brandy. Every day, take a drink on an empty stomach one tablespoon for three weeks.

To be continued

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Как выбрать качественный маникюрный набор?
Well-groomed hands and neat nails is an important part of the image of a successful and self-confident woman. However, it often happens that the most successful and self-confident don’t have time to enroll for the master of manicure, make the correction, update the lacquer coating and just relax and talk not about business, but about life.
On the other hand, there are women who their hands do not trust anyone, and make a manicure at home, with a very nice and tidy. If you choose this option nail care, you can not do without quality manicure sets. Specially for you WANT picked up a number of councils and recommendations how to choose the right manicure set.
The main distinguishing feature of high quality manicure sets are convenient tools, as well as their durability. Made of high-quality, often expensive materials, they will serve you for many years. You should also determine to what tools are necessary for your usual procedure for nail care. All have got used to the ritual manicure, therefore selection of instruments – this is a very individual process and the question of habits and preferences.
In any case, it is better to buy one package. Standard manicure set, assumes that there are all the necessary tools to take care of the nails at home.
Note that the set would always be included:

nail scissors,
clippers or scissors,
книпсер – it is a kind of wire cutters, pliers, but is much more compact, has sharpened blades, to trim nails, prevent their separation. The cutting part of the книпсера cut the nail under the angle of 90 degrees, which reduces the requirements to the прикладываемому effort. Книпсер does not deform the nail on the break and is recommended for brittle nails.
scissors for removal of cuticles,
шабер, for shaping the nails, or sticks to postpone the cuticle (usually from the orange tree, that are used in необрезном (European) manicure).
blade for nail – this is, in fact, the most important tools that we use every day. Better if it is not made of paper, plastic or other material, but of metal. He does not wear out over time, as other materials. However, in recent years in the use of includes glass nail files, less traumatic nail.
tweezers must be included in the complete set. He is required to remove the hairs, but can be used for any other action precision is required.
We also should not forget that the quality manicure set should be made of sturdy materials. This applies to the tools themselves, as well as the case where they will be stored.
All the tools manicure sets should be made of high quality stainless steel. Then, they will serve you the rest of your life, without any special trouble. Their best stored in an expensive несессере, so you save instruments to the maximum working condition, reduce the risk of the loss of any of them.
The most reliable way to find a good manicure set this is to draw attention to the manufacturer, the price of the goods and the reputation of the manufacturer. For today the best in this business are the following brands: ZWILLING J.A. Henckels, using high-quality stainless steel FRIODUR; Twinox, producing tools professional level, all-metal, matte and graceful; Classic, producing classic gleaming Nickel-plated instruments; Dovo, mark, which has more than a century of experience in the production of high quality manicure sets. All manicure elements of this brand are made of high-quality steel, which has a special coating to prevent corrosion of the metal, and also extends the life of the set.

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Почему мужчины не хотят жениться?
To question my husband’s our common 39-year-old friend: Why don’t you marry?”, was exhaustive answer: But why? Erases machine, socks are sold on every corner, hire coming cleaner easy, eat in a cafe or a restaurant is not a problem, and so find a girlfriend, never getting acquainted with her mom, it’s easy.

A bachelor Paradise

The problem of How to marry the man? there was always and everywhere. In any religion, place of residence and the historical epoch of representatives of the stronger sex as fire fear of the sacred bonds of marriage and all the forces trying to avoid them.
We are with you, dear friends, went to, perhaps, the most difficult period. After all, not the secret, the higher the level of civilization, the неохотнее men create their families.
And, really, why should they, so loving own comfort and independence, hang on his neck (even for a big love and almost voluntarily! тяжеленное yoke under the name of the family?
This 15 years ago, when the sausage had to defend the long queues, the wife was necessary to guarantee survival. For in the queues were, of course homemakers. They are cutting short his hands the reins and the heavy bags, as a man with a string bag in his hands was considered a Martyr, and his wife in every way порицалась neighbors.

Cutlets ” home-

All sociologists together note: as soon as dramatically increased the number of markets, super and hypermarkets, the number of marriages was steadily falling.
the 39-year-old bachelor Vitya is proud of its adjusted life: Once a week to drive up by car to the supermarket and buy everything you need, no problem. Yes, of course, home cutlets sometimes you want. But what is the hostess of the current business-woman with long nails?” They themselves eat fast-food and her husband will be so fed. In an extreme case, hire a housewife.
Of course, he is an egoist. But his claims have homespun men truth: at the thought that his wife will be more successful career and a higher salary, any man загрустит. And why should he voluntarily enter into the house of an inferiority complex on the heels?

The man in deficit

Alas, but the statistics and our experience is quite grim: men are much less, than women. And if we subtract from the total number of potential fathers of the families of the blue, alcoholics, drug addicts, deep impotent with youth, criminals and believers, giving ceremony of celibacy, the picture turns out quite sad.
It is in an infinite series for 1(one) a beautiful woman with a child desperately struggling 2 (two) cavalier with the appearance of Yaroslav Boyko or Valery Nikolaev. A fairy tale, of course, necessary, but it is better not to believe them.
Male deficit forces women to go to extreme measures: to fast, work hard silicone in all places and consent to sexual relations before the first interview. Than, I must admit, representatives of the stronger sex has never neglected.

The Horrors Of The Civil Registry Office

Funny, but most men do not want to marry, pathologically afraid of a hike in the registry. Mikhail Boyarsky, the best and брутальнейший дАртаньян of all times and peoples, met with a colleague-actress Larisa Луппиан few years. And when the night went to his mother. But one day she realized that she wants to marry. And it is for this man.
However, in the registry office is not in a hurry. He never wanted to get married, and revealed to her about it declared. It got to the point that they walked the streets, and he was asking the passers-by: marry her or not. And, to his surprise, the people shouted in unison: Yes! Twice scheduled date of registration, and twice in the last minute Michael called and muttered something about the urgent work that cannot be delayed, and because of which he did not have time to.
Larisa had to put forward an ultimatum: either the parting, or getting married. Misha oral: I don’t want to leave you! Why do you have this seal in the passport? It means nothing! Help came from tactics: Time doesn’t mean anything, then what’s the problem? And because of the charismatic Boyarsky literally in a cold sweat giving a thought about her wedding with пупсом on the bonnet, witnesses, toast guests and other attributes of the celebrations, the Registrar ran between rehearsals. So in 1977 happened taming дАртаньяна, and a pair of happy lives so far.

Teschin language

Steep or uncomfortable way it is тещиным language. The Ghost of Mama’s wife deterred from the Registrar’s office a man much stronger than hamlet shadow of his father. The legendary phrase character of Andrei Mironov from the Beware of the car: to Marry it is necessary for the fatherless! for men long ago became a quote from the Code of a bachelor.
My classmate Dima, having lived with a girl 5 years, fled from her, only hearing from the mouth of Irina Вадимовны: You would have time to formalize relations. As he explained friends, That I’m crazy? Get into the mother-in-law of such a Creamery at home? I better buy another washing machine it at least turn off the can.

A little advice

Of course, men do not want to marry! And what of that? Who of them will ask for? Our women’s wisdom always tells the vulnerability of a loved one, and the string on which it can and should be brought to the Registrar’s office.
Author: Ella Фурманская

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Парфюмерные новинки весны 2013
Spring always inspires and delights. Everything in nature and yearns for the update. Including perfumery collection of every woman. Fragrances can’t be too many. Drop favorite perfume completes your image, emphasizes your individuality, declares about your mood.
And because women, as a rule, the mood of change and are often not predictable, for each of the emotional state we just need my own perfume. Spring 2013 is ready to offer us a lot of options in order to in any situation feel harmoniously.
This spring, many brands inspired by tenderness and natural beauty, a youth of the soul and the infinite charm of a woman. Fashion house Dior happy new JAdore Voile de Parfum with notes of Damascus roses, Tuscan the iris and white musk; bright and heady aroma of ripe fruit, citrus fruit, fresh water of the notes will surprise you Nina L’eau from Nina Ricci; limited aroma of Cherry In The Air заинтригует German brand Escada; fruit composition Happy in Bloom inspire Clinique.

For the lovers of the mystical and sweet fragrances – Manifesto of YSL with an intriguing combination of notes of Jasmine, Lily of the valley, currant, vanilla, cedar, and сандала. vanilla. In contrast to the bright and explosive Manifesto will surprise and delight of his tenderness Signorina Eau de Toilette by Salvatore Ferragamo. The theme of feminine tenderness will continue to See by Chloe from Chloe light flowery-fruity aroma with notes of bergamot, Apple, Jasmine, sandalwood and sweet vanilla, Lacoste Eau de Lacoste gentle composition with the scent of bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood.

Will delight and surprise perfumers of Victoria’s Secret. Aroma Body by Victoria is the aromatic mixture of smells musk, orris root, amber, Magnolia, Lily of the valley, raspberry, peach and orange. He will be the best clothing for sexy girls, not стесняющихся of its beauty. The theme of the audacity and courage to also offer to develop perfumers Givenchy, submitted for creative and confident individuals aroma Play For Her in the new version. This fragrance will prefer to all those, who are not afraid to experiment and discover a new facets. Givenchy also will present new фланкер (continued) the aroma Very Irresistible by Givenchy, limited summer edition.
Fashion house Stella McCartney submit aroma L.I.L.Y Absolute, the new version released in 2012 aroma L.I.L.Y. The song opens chord truffles and black pepper. Heart notes include sparkling shades of Lily, pink pepper and seeds амбретты. And more dense, compared to the original publication, the data base consists of oak moss, patchouli, dry light wood and amber.

Inspired to travel amazing fragrance collection of 4 fragrance from the house of L’occitane en Provence. La Collection de Grasse is represented by a stunning set of four beautiful songs: Vanille Narcisse, Magnolia Mure, Jasmine Bergamote and The Vert Bigarade (the first three are for women, the last – unisex).
Decorate the spring of a new fragrance, Be Jeweled from Vera Wang, alluring and seductive song like an expensive piece of jewelry. Fragrance with notes of red currant, a grenade, and champagne will fascinate anyone who feels his train, and will highlight the incredible appeal of the woman who wears it.
This is not all the surprises and novelties, which prepares us perfumery industry this spring. However, we are sure that this spring necessarily be updated and your perfume collection, but what is most important is the collection of your emotions, life events and experiences.

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Психологи рассказали, как пережить измену
No doubt, being deceived her beloved man very hard, and go through adultery, while maintaining relations, is extremely difficult. But still it can be done. Psychologists from the United Kingdom have found effective ways to reduce the pain of betrayal.
Firstly, it is necessary to take a step back and have a self help: sleep, healthy eating, physical activity all this will help to increase the level of endorphins (hormones of joy) and somehow mitigate the pain of the blow.
Secondly, you need to take a time-out in the relationship. In order to calm down, you need to just 24-48 hours. After this time, the situation can be assessed realistically and weigh all the pros and cons. Thirdly, in any case can not go into details. The fact is that even the small details are capable of with the passage of time emerge in memory and gradually destroy the relationship, even in case of treason managed to survive.

In-fourth, we should try to restore confidence, because, as you know, suspicion, drop by drop ruin relationships that eventually kills love. Finally, it is necessary to forgive and a traitor, and yourself, if you decide to save a relationship. The ability to not return to the past, to accept the situation and forgive the offense the only way to live happily in a relationship.


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