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The French brand Carven presented a collection of accessories spring-summer season 2013. Skilled patterns of plastic, wood and mother-of-pearl in the form of butterflies and flowers, prints and a lot of skin – that offers the mark this season.

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Australian scientists have named the “main enemy” weight loss. In any case, is in the midst of the fruit.

Specialists from the University of Sydney found that bananas are stoking famine as much as cakes. For some time, bananas give a feeling of satiety, but within an hour famine is becoming stronger, than before, and to look for new sources of calories. This property bananas can greatly hinder those who are low-calorie diets.

However, there is a banana and a good property — they can be used instead of antidepressants. Contained in it аминопропионовая acid (tryptophan), getting into the human body, it is converted into serotonin, known to the people as “hormone of happiness”.

So what to do? Eat bananas with damage to the shape, or not to eat? Australian scientists have found the answer to this question: it turns out that the negative impact on the shape and body completely neutralizes the hour of intense fitness.


Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

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The owners of the brand Dior without a moment’s regret, that in the new advertising campaign took Robert Pattinson. According to the creators of the new advertising, actor showed on camera something incredibly sexy.

For participation in the promo video of the fashion house of Christian Dior Robert was astronomical fee of $ 12 million (by the way, the shooting in advertising Chanel № 5 brad pitt has received “only” 7 million), and in addition – the admiring comments from representatives of the brand: “the Campaign came with overtly sexual overtones. It expands the boundaries of what you are used to…”

Alas, to see how Rob accustomed to the role of sexual handsome surrounded by four (!) models, the audience will only be possible in may.


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Leading online business model published a new professional rating of the 25 sexiest models in the world. The criterion of evaluation became not only the appearance of the girls, but also such indicators as the demand in the fashion world, the success of advertising campaigns with their participation (mainly talking about the erotic advertising clothes), frequency of occurrence on the covers of leading glossy magazines (V, Love, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated and other) and even the «cultural impact».

In other words, this rating is the indicator of how sexy turns large orders and as a result it brings, according to the expression of the site, the «big bucks».


The first position in the ranking for the sixth year in a row to hold the incomparable Adriana Lima.

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Gisele Bundchen remained on the 2-th line of the rating.

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Both of the first beauties, a native of Brazil.

The third among the «Pro» is now an American Kate Upton, the photograph of which in 2012 and 2013 adorned the cover of the annual special issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. In the past, «sexual rating» (published in 2011) her name was not.

Кейт АптонKate Upton. Photo: AP/Scanpix

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Brazil has traditionally is the leader in the «team standings»: nine girls in the TOP-25 – the representative of this country. Five models – from the United States, three from the Netherlands, two – from Russia: the 26-year-old Anna Вьялицына (the 11-th place) and 27-year-old Irina Sheik (the 13th).

Вьялицына played a small role in the movie «Tough nut: a Good day to die», and abroad is known under the name of Anne V.

Анна ВьялицынаAnna Вьялицына. Photo:

The present name of Irina Sheik – Irina Шайхлисламова. According to the media, Irina has close relations with the well-known Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also in the TOP 25 of the models from the UK, Australia, Lithuania, the Republic of South Africa, Namibia and Israel.

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Almost all of the girls got into a sexy rating, cooperated or cooperate with the American Victoria’s Secret – one of the most known in the world companies for the sale of women’s underwear. Many of them also filmed for the famous erotic calendars Pirelli.

The most sexy model of the world. Professional rating, TOP-25

1. Adriana Lima (Brazil, 31 years)

2. Gisele Bundchen (Brazil, 32 years)

3. Kate Upton (The United States, 20 years)

4. Candace Свейнпол (Republic of South Africa, 24 years)

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (UK, 25 years)

6. Miranda Kerr (Australia, 29 years)

7. Alessandra Амбросио (Brazil, 31 years)

8. Датцен Cruz (The Netherlands, 28 years)

9. Lara Stone (Netherlands, 29 years)

10. Isabel Fountain (Brazil, 29 years)

11. Anna Вьялицына (Russia, 26 years)

12. Isabel Гюлар (Brazil, 28 years)

13. Irina Sheik (Russia, 27 years)

14. Беати Prinsloo (Namibia, 23 years)

15. Erin Хезертон (USA, 24 years)

16. Alyssa Miller (USA, 23 years)

17. Bar Rafaeli (Israel, 27 years)

18. Lily Aldridge (USA, 27 years)

19. Edita Вилькевичуте (Lithuania, 24 years)

20. Lindsey Эллингсон (USA, 28 years)

21. Anna Beatriz Barros (Brazil, 30 years)

22. Emanuel de Paula (Brazil, 23 years)

23. Cynthia Дикер (Brazil, 26 years)

24. Marlo Horst (Netherlands, 24 years)

25. Leis Ribeiro (Brazil, 20 years)

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Collection of lingerie superstars of world football player of the national team of Portugal and real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo sew in a small Lithuanian town Казлу Ore.

The city is located in the South-West of Lithuania, live in it a few more 7330 residents.

Underwear brand Ronaldo is sewn at the factory, owned by Danes.

Are there 160 people, all the local residents, writes The Baltic Times.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Danish company JBS Textile Group signed a contract for the production of underwear and socks «name Caroline Wozniacki».

They also produces a sewing factory in Казлу Ore.

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

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Украина приобщится к акции «Час Земли»
On Saturday, March 23, Ukraine introduced to the shares of Earth Hour, organized by the world wildlife Fund (WWF). Official Kyiv supports this initiative already for the fifth year in a row.
We remind that the essence of this event lies in the fact that for an hour around the world turn off the electricity as a sign of solidarity with the idea of the struggle for the environment.
So, Earth Hour will start on March 23 at 20:30 Kyiv time. Their participation in the action has already confirmed 12 Ukrainian cities, including the capital.
At this time the Song field near the Motherland will gather all those wishing to see how will be turned off lighting of the monument, and then the sky will run hundreds of celestial flashlights. On the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (independence square) at 20:30 will be organized a flash-mob as laid out on the pavement figures from burning candles.
Many institutions offer during the action Earth Hour to arrange a candlelight dinners. With such a proposal were restaurants Hunt for sheep, GastroRock and Пивбар.
Let’s remind, that for the first time this event was held in Sydney in 2007. In 2009 to her приобщилось a record number of people – about 1 billion.

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Representatives of one of the largest online databases of the long-legged beauties published a list of 25 most sexiest models in the world. The authors of the list to consider not only the appearance of the girls, but also the success of their career.

We get acquainted with the models, which took the top 15 places.


Topped the rating of adriana Lima (Brazil, 31 years).


Silver ” at Gisele Bundchen (Brazil, 32 years). Gisele, by the way, is already a year and is the richest model in the world in ретингам Forbes.


On the third place — Kate Upton (the United States, 20 years). It is interesting that Kate is considered a “plump” model.


The fourth place of the — of the charming blonde Candace Свейнпол (Republic of South Africa, 24 years).


The fifth place is dreaming about a career of actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (United Kingdom, 25 years).


Sixth place — the wife of actor Orlando bloom Miranda Kerr (Australia, 29 years).


The seventh line of the rating took the mother of two children Alessandra Амбросио (Brazil, 31 years).


The eighth place — the blonde had Даутцен Cruz (the Netherlands, 28 years).


On the ninth another blonde — Lara stone (Netherlands, 29 years).


Closes the top ten of Isabel Fountain (Brazil, 29 years).


11 place — a native of Nizhny Novgorod and former lover of singer Adam Levine Anna Вялицыной (Russia, 26 years).


On the 12-th place — Isabelle Goulard (Brazil, 28 years).


“Happy” 13-th place — a girlfriend footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, green-eyed Irina Sheik (Russia, 27 years).


On 14 place — Беати Принслоу (Namibia, 23 years).


And closes the main part of the rating Erin Хизертон (USA, 24 years).


Photo: AP/Scanpix, AFP/Scanpix, Reuters/Scanpix, ITAR-TASS/Scanpix

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Beloved Roman Abramovich, art critic Daria Zhukova in the April release of the first issue of the Russian version of its magazine Garage, наделавшего a lot of noise in the UK.

Magazine in the English Daria releases since the summer of 2011. His first call, to put it mildly, bewilderment at the stiff Englishmen. On the cover of start-up rooms were depicted women’s genitals with a tattoo of a butterfly. The author of the cover was a great admirer of the outrageous, the British artist Damien Hirst.


“Pleased” the British and the second number. Instead of the standard probes spirits or cream in the magazine readers found the female condom… . Over their packaging bother to famous artists Keith Haring, Matt Коллишоу and the Duo Tim Нобела and sue Webster. However, the use of the female condom as intended, it was not — this is reported by the inscription: “The female condom are part of the art and are not suitable for human consumption”.

Already in April the first number of the Garage Russia will go on sale, who is working on it, it is not yet known, but certainly edition will be no less shocking than the British.


Photo: ITAR-TASS/Scanpix, AFP/Scanpix

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There is such a huge number of species names and techniques of make-up, that all attempts to organize them, adhering to a classification of collapse and defeat. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the world of decorative cosmetics so rapidly develops that sometimes it is impossible to keep up with all the novelties, which appear on the market of cosmetic products.
Креативный макияж для умеющих удивлять, эпатировать и для всех, кто любит жить ярко!

Creative make-up to be able to surprise, shock and for all, who likes to live brightly!

Distinguish the make-up of the afternoon and evening, strict and business, casual and events, podium and concise. Many different words and expressions, which each master is ready to call his masterpiece, his technique.
Particularly stands out against the General background of make-up creative. Here too the name speaks for itself. There are no restrictions in a combination of colors and shades, textures and textures. Want to apply the lipstick on her cheekbones as a blush, and blush instead of the shadows? Please! Nobody even dares to deny. The main thing in the technique of this makeup is not a tune up and not to bring the image that you create to the point of absurdity. Between outrageous, creativity and vulgarity such a fine line. Do not break the harmony of your way!
Deciding on the make-up you should be aware that your image and appearance may shock others, and in some cases just scare. You should also be morally ready to insult, criticism and just rude in your address. However, walk the streets with the make-up you will not become. Such a combat coloring appropriate for thematic parties, bright presentations, conceptual activities. So if outrageous, flamboyant lifestyle, parties, presentations, the desire to surprise their appearance – this is your element, the creative make-up – this is what you need. For all, who loves bold and unexpected, bright and memorable experiment with make-up – our selection!

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Бейонсе стала лицом бренда HM
The famous fashion brand GM announced its collaboration with another superstar: the face of the summer collection of brand became popular singer Beyonce. The network has already appeared the first промофото to the advertising campaign.
The founders of the brand for his new collection chose Beyonce, since in their opinion celebrity is the personification of women’s power and vulnerability at the same time, combines the sense of humor and playfulness, sensuality and family values.
I really liked the concept of the summer collection of HM the fact that we have expressed all the feelings of the women of the four elements: fire, water, air, earth, – commented on Beyonce.
In the sale of the collection of HM the summer of 2013 will do already may and will be available in all the boutiques of the brand and online stores

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