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He said, “I can’t make your mistakes for you.” I was fifteen, fifteen and a half, maybe, almost sixteen years old, and I was leaving home. I was all packed and ready to go. He drove me to New York’s Kennedy Airport, where he would put me on a plane to fly me across the country so Read More →

With only 30 days remaining until the midterm elections, Women’s eNews is asking every US citizen to ask just three people per day (whether at work, at the gym, or at any social gathering) whether they are registered to vote. Labeling our campaign 3forV, just imagine how many people will be reached, and registered, by each Read More →

We all have a right to adequate shelter; this is something recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But are the spaces we occupy meeting our current and future needs? While reflecting on the sustainable nature of our buildings and cities, we should remind ourselves of the power and responsibility we possess as a Read More →

When I was 10 years old, I dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween. I dressed up as her because I admired her, and because I felt like I had no choice. My brother and I were both deep in our Star Wars phases, and I knew I had to match his Darth Vader costume Read More →

  NEW YORK CITY (WOMENSENEWS)— Anna Limontas-Salisbury says her son Serge Salisbury is a normal teenager in “Bed-Stuy,” the name New Yorkers commonly give to Bedford Stuyvesant, the majority black and Hispanic neighborhood in north central Brooklyn.

(WOMENSENEWS)— “Southside with You,” which opened on August 26, is a definitive date movie. It is the fictionalized version of the first romantic encounter between Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle La Vaughn Robinson, America’s future president and first lady. During a marathon of an afternoon meander across Chicago’s south side, Barack and Michelle, two smart Read More →

(WOMENSENEWS)—“A Tale of Love and Darkness,” which opens today, Aug. 19, is the stunning directorial debut of Natalie Portman. She also scripted and stars in this cinematic adaptation of Amos Oz’s eponymous memoir about his childhood and family during the historically turbulent founding and early years of the state of Israel. Portman portrays Oz’s mother, Read More →

(WOMENSENEWS)—“Florence Foster Jenkins” presents the utterly engaging truth-based tale about an eccentric New York socialite who was an avid opera patron and self-styled diva with delusions of her own greatness. During the early 20th century, she staged private opera galas presenting top and up-and-coming stars, finishing each cavalcade with her own lavishly staged and costumed solo Read More →

(WOMENSENEWS)—Of the movies opening today, the big buzz, eagerly anticipated blockbuster is “Suicide Squad.” But sadly, it’s a letdown. The Warner Bros/DC Comics release turns pathological criminals with super powers into a team of civilization savers. Seemingly the product of Hollywood marketers rather than creative storytellers, the plot is thin and nonsensible, a mere excuse Read More →

(WOMENSENEWS)— “Equity,” a drama about a woman on Wall Street, steals this week’s top spot for feminist movie goers. Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn), noted for her successes in taking startup companies public, is ruled by ambition, obsessed with money and makes no attempt to camouflage or apologize for her greed and lust for power. Her career Read More →