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Purchase delicious drinks strong and not too, and plastic cups… Stop! But the cups let’s talk separately.

Cheap and plentiful

When the disposable tableware is only beginning to emerge, few people do not appreciate the convenience that it is able to give. Take at least the same picnics: few people want, drinking and eating with friends scrubbing until you’re blue stained dishes. And plates and plastic forks can simply be collected and thrown away. And they are almost cheaper detergent.

Disposable cups made of transparent or colored plastic won people’s love is not only cheap, but also compact. A set of such vessels for 20 people can easily fit in a small bag, and plastic cups weigh nothing at all.

Meanwhile, drink alcoholic beverages out of plastic – a thankless task.

A plastic Cup that was too lazy to carry to the trash, poisons, and even the environment.

Small letters

Buying, say, yogurt, or sausage, people look at the expiration date – not to purchase would be overdue, but then so poisoned for long. Buying dumplings, look at the ingredients: if they have soy protein and by-products, hardly they will be delicious. Buying plastic cups, usually no one in the markings looks: why – to eat we these glasses are still not collected, use and throw.

But to look worth. For example, if the bottom of the plastic tableware flaunt bukovki PP, this means that it is made of polypropylene. This material perfectly withstands temperatures up to 150 degrees – and then, polypropylene cups with a clear conscience to drink hot drinks.

They can even be used for reheating something in the microwave. But fluid containing alcohol, in a glass should not pour: polypropylene in contact with alcohol starts to produce formaldehyde and phenol – substances that beat to the liver and kidneys, as a player, the ball, and in large quantities and is able to lead to visual impairments including blindness.

If the bottom of the pot inscribed with the letters PS, then it is made of polystyrene. These cups are good for drinking cold juices, lemonades and other soft drinks.

The hot tea they pour not: already at 70 degrees, polystyrene is allocated a toxic styrene, which accumulate in the body, can lead to liver and Central nervous system.

However, with hot tea and coffee, it’s simple – high temperature polystyrene cups simply begin to crack; something like built-in protection from the ignorant. If you pour a glass of alcoholic beverage, no visible change will occur. But will the invisible: the alcohol will begin to stand out all the same polystyrene.

If on the bottom of plastic tableware do not caused no markings, it is better than nothing at all to pour – who knows what it is made.


It is, as always, is there. First, it is possible (don’t laugh) is not to drink on the nature of alcohol. Secondly, can the old fashioned way to bring reusable utensils – for example, folding field glasses and tumblers from the set of the tourist; they are made of stainless steel, and they are nothing toxic to the alcohol is not isolated. And third, you can buy paper disposable cups – they are cheap, easy and absolutely safe to use.

Have a great holiday and take care!

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This ancient beautiful tradition has a practical value: this drink, like coffee, should really drink water – not only in order to better develop its taste.

One alkaloid – good, two – better

Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte drinks, made using coffee beans, invented many. However, from the point of view of the action on the nervous system of man is a fundamental difference exists only between the coffee drinks like whole-grain coffee and freeze-dried, that is, of soluble.

The fact that the coffee bean in its structure is inhomogeneous. Its outer shell contains all of the known energizing alkaloid called caffeine, has a pronounced tonic effect. In the inner part of the grain is another alkaloid – theobromine.

In the manufacture of instant coffee uses only the inner part of the grain; the outer sheath is separated and goes on medication or energy. But if we are dealing with coffee beans, you need to remember that it contains two alkaloid.

The reverse process

When we drink coffee, these two alkaloid comes into our body at the same time – but to act starting at a time. Initially started caffeine that its action is associated an invigorating effect. But after about 25 minutes on the scene theobromine.

Here’s how it works: caffeine has the ability to narrow the blood vessels in all organs except for the kidneys; they, after a couple of SIPS of espresso, vessels, on the contrary, are expanding. The result is a spike in body pressure and urination; the latter is associated with an improvement in renal blood flow.

However, not half an hour passes as the person becomes a bit sleepy; however, many feel not too pleasant tugging sensation in region of kidneys. This started the action of theobromine: the pressure of all the bodies increased, and in the kidneys have dropped.

In order to avoid disrupting blood flow to the kidneys, it makes sense after each SIP of coffee to take a drink of water.

The effect of a 30-kilometer

With instant coffee all the more interesting. Because it is made from the inner part of the grain, which the caffeine content does not exceed 10% and theobromine pretty much the effect of it is somewhat different than from whole grain.

Namely, vigorous phase is not as pronounced, some missing completely, but this drink has a distinct effect of drowsiness. So if someone of your friends complains to you – he’s supposedly paradoxical reaction to coffee, I do not want to run and jump, and sweetly sleep, then, most likely, he’s having no grain, and coffee.

Truck drivers often buy yourself at the pump tins with the prepared coffee drinks, made clearly on the basis of instant coffee, even invented its own term – “the effect of a 30-kilometer”.

It means this: about 20 minutes after absorption of the contents of such jars, that is just about 30 kilometer, the driver usually waits for the period of sleepiness, lasting about an hour. This is the same teobromina phase, during which the sleepy.

So instant coffee is also better to drink plain water – that after he did not wanted to sleep. And even better – to drink as a refreshing drink strong brewed black tea: caffeine in it no less, and theobromine is totally absent.

Additional reasons

For lovers of good coffee there are other arguments that say that it is better to drink water.

  • – Delicious as the first time. If you without further ADO just to drink coffee SIP by SIP, the second SIP will not be so breathtaking as the first. A clean water wash over the taste buds and as a result you will fully enjoy every SIP.
  • – Pressure is normal. Those who are afraid of extra time to drink coffee because of the risk of high blood pressure, plain water can provide a great service – it can weaken the effects of caffeine; if you drink it the coffee, the heart will not beat like crazy.
  • Teeth like pearls. Coffee contains pigment tooth enamel. But if after every SIP to drink a little water, the pigment will not have time to penetrate and the teeth will remain as white as it was.

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You went to the mirror, and you captured the horror: “Is this tired woman with extinct eyes?” Do not worry! Look carefully: because you have very expressive eyes, correct shape of the face and adorable smile. What else do you want to look irresistible? Just need to freshen up: relieve fatigue, to hide defects of the skin and to emphasize the dignity. The time you have only 30 minutes, in consequence of this — and more!


To begin, remove the fatigue accumulated during the hard working day.

If you are at home. Head straight to the shower where you can freshen not so much the body but the soul. The best option — a contrast shower: first, a good warm up under the spray of warm water, then turn cold. Therefore change the temperature a number of times, preventing chills, shameful feelings. Will finish on a cold note. Later Pat the skin with a fluffy clean towel.

The first step is done — you got out of the shower rejuvenated and confidence of the forces!

If you’re at work. Also take a contrast shower, but … only for hands, substituting at least 3 minutes palms under hot, then cold water. The effect of the procedure is almost the same as the later common soul, claim to perform reflexology.


For this in order to cheer up, drink a Cup of strong black tea or a Cup of green tea with lemon. Tea can be supplemented with a few slices of chocolate, which is an effective remedy for tiredness, depression and bad mood. It supplies our body a “fast” calories and energy.

Another method to get a charge of vivacity — to make the massage of the ears. The fact that the ear has a large number of biologically active points, conformable to that or any other body and energy associated with them. Massage the ears gives a good shake-up the whole body. Matnog drip a little oil (the bottle with him almost constantly, it may be useful to have) on the finger pads and light fast movements RUB the ears, paying special attention to the lobes.

And do not care what they turn red, it will soon pass and you will be energetic and cheerful throughout the evening.


If you’re at work. Put on eyes cool bags with ispaim tea (better if before that, they rest awhile in the refrigerator) or cotton swabs, dipped them in tea leaves. Sit back, relax and think about something pleasant. Only 5 minutes — and tremendous effect: your eyes look like you actually daily sleep for 8 hours, not sit in front of computer from morning to evening, time to walk in nature and to do sports.

If you are at home. Instead of tea, remember to put on the eyelids and skin around the eyes with grated potatoes. Perform the procedure on the couch. At the same time enjoy your face mask. Can use purchase or make a mask yourself. For this purpose, suitable all kinds of natural ingredients.


If you’re at work. Probably, you will be able only to touch up makeup. Acting carefully with a cotton swab, wipe off the remnants of the “grown old” cosmetics. Will ponovite shadows, brighter, draw the contour of the lips and paint them with lipstick (if you can find a purse, then more intensely coloured than during the day), prints daytime fatigue hide under a light layer of powder.

If you are at home. Before you apply makeup, remove the remnants of “morning luxury” if you did not do this before taking a shower, in this moment of time. Clean the face with milk, the remains of which, clear tonic.

Wash. Cool boiled water will freshen just vdohnuvshy the skin. Wipe it with a piece of ice — it will give your face a natural glow. Apply a cream. Now the skin is cleared, calmed and ready for makeup that will make you irresistible!


Tone cream will lie exactly, of course, if it is applied quickly and evenly over the entire surface of the face and neck. Some drawbacks (shadows under the eyes, age spots), hide using camouflage pencil.

Liquid eyeliner is applied only on the upper eyelid. Carefully guide a thin and precise line, which will stay on the eyelids all night. Brown mascara will make the makeup more natural.

Matte lipstick — the best end luxurious makeup. Apply it with a special brush. Lipstick will lay down more thin even layer, will last long on the lips, but in addition, the brush will certainly help to trace more graceful line.

Full manicure — long enough procedure. In consequence of this, if there’s no time, just give your nails a proper shape and apply varnish. A perfect option Polish matches the color of the lipstick. But due to time constraints, it is possible to use and transparent: if in a hurry to paint my nails are not very smooth or Polish will suddenly lubricated, it will not be evident.

Spirits are also strong female weapon, but your target is not to stifle him, and to endear and fascinate. In consequence, apply a number of drops for the ear, elbow, wrist and neck, and coming from you, the gentle aroma will be absolutely enough.

Again look in the mirror. Whom you now see in it? Don’t be surprised, this amazing cute lady — you! Remember this feeling — the feeling of self-confidence and a sense of their own irresistibility. Take it with you for the evening, and you will see how it will be transmitted to those around you.


So, are you ready. Now try amazing smile (it suits you so perfectly!), and take on Board 3 more, koie will certainly help you to conquer and captivate the opposite sex:

Straighten up! Graceful and seductive curve of the back — as it turned out, this detail instantly gripped the minds of men and is remembered forever.

Learn to shoot eyes (since you brought them to full combat readiness!) Look the man straight in the eye. Assuming up to three, slowly turn your head to the side, as if to divert the gaze. And now sharply turn away. And that’s all. Works perfectly.

To be attractive just. Hard just to look attractive.

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Model plus-size (“forms”) Ashley Graham starred in the beach in a bathing suit for Glamour magazine. Picture made for the newspaper, the mannequin was published on his page in Instagram.

In the framework of the photo shoot, the model posed with palm leaves on his head. In the caption to frame Graham pointed out the hashtag #beautybeyondsize (“beauty beyond size”). The picture got more than 200 thousand likes in the social network.

Publication of A S H L E YG R A H A M (@theashleygraham)

Just tuned on the page for Graham in Instagram following of more than 4.4 million users.

Earlier in June it became known that two models plus-size participated in the survey for the Italian version of Vogue magazine. A native of Dublin, TIA Duffy and model Karyn Inder took part in the campaign of the publication under the hashtag #BeBodyAware (“Know body”). The women refused to hide their imperfections, including cellulite.


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Excess belly fat does not paint even the most attractive woman. Wasp waist and good press ideal that attracts men. As for evil, when we gain extra weight, they are primarily not accumulate on the butt and Breasts, namely on the sides and belly. When the dress ceased to emphasize the seductive curves, the time to act. To remove belly fat you can even for a week without painful exercises in the gym.

Quick ways to get rid of belly without exercise


Ground coffee just mix with warm water to make a paste, and which should be applied to the abdomen. The top should be wrapped with cling film and wrap yourself with a warm blanket. The time of the procedure from 10 to 20 minutes. Also, instead of coffee, you can use the honey-mustard mixture. The mixture is prepared by adding honey, mustard powder. For the first procedure, it is recommended to take the minimum amount and gradually increase during subsequent wraps. Very interesting method — wrap slimming belly at night usual food film.

Slimming massage

You can buy a home massager for belly or massage yourself a deep tingling. It would be nice to resemble a professional massage for the stomach, which removes deep subcutaneous fat.

Cleaning from the inside

Over time, the intestine starts to accumulate a large number of different toxins. They can accumulate there for years, increasing the volume of the stomach. Because the body, protecting internal organs from toxins, creates abdominal water-fat layer. To get rid of slagging, many have resorted to the use of cleansing enemas, lavage of the digestive tract.

Get rid of bloating

In order not to swallow excess air, don’t talk while eating, do not swallow nepoemanie pieces, don’t drink too greedily and not cedite drinks through a straw. Smoking is also better to quit. From swelling will help herbal teas with chamomile, peppermint, hot water with lemon, parsley, dill seed, ginger, foods with probiotics.

Eat new

Minimize consumption of salt, which retains soda in the body. Drink more, to prevent constipation and prevent stagnation of food. Note that the excess of carbohydrates leads to fluid retention, excess protein the bloating, fats inhibit the digestion. Be sure to enter fiber in your diet. Eat small portions, but often not to stretch the stomach. Any carbonated drinks lead to bloating, which increases the stomach.

Through this intensive you will be able to lose per week 3-4 pounds and reduce the waist by 3-4 inches. Another great way to remove belly fat is regular sex in a pose rider. Use and fun — two in one!

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Your face muscles tightened, the skin is aligned, and look like you’re fresh. By the way, the first results are visible already after 2 weeks.

1. Exercise for forehead. Put the fingers of both hands over the forehead, with the ring, your fingers should lie on the eyebrows. Now, overcoming the resistance of the fingers, lift your eyebrows, pulling the scalp forward.

2. Eye exercise. Open your eyes as wide as possible. Then relax.

3. Exercise to firm cheeks. You have to smile, putting your thumbs to the corners of the mouth. Strain the muscles of the mouth and cheeks, to the ears and then relax.

4. Exercise against sagging corners of the mouth. Pinch the lips between the teeth, pull the corners of the mouth upwards. Hold this position for a few seconds and relax. This exercise is very good to prevent the formation of wrinkles on the upper lip.

5. Exercise against wrinkles around the eyes. Keep your fingers to the outer corners of the eyes and severely straining the lower eyelids. Relax.

6. Exercise for the neck. Put fists under his chin and, overcoming the resistance of hands, open mouth in this case. Then, resting in the chin with the thumb maximally stick out your tongue so that its tip was pointing down.

7. Exercise for the neck. With a force of retraction of the lower lip (without moving the corners of the mouth) down, exposing the lower teeth. If you do it right, when doing this exercise correctly, the neck will be visible relief of muscle.

8. Exercise to strengthen the whole contour of the face. Strain the cheeks and chin: widely open mouth, thus pushing forward the lower jaw. Greatly strain the muscles of the neck and jaw. Relax your face.

Important: this set of exercises to do 5 days a week, preferably every day, pre-soaked face moisturizer. Each exercise repeat 5 times for 6 seconds, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 20. It is best to perform this complex before going to sleep or in the morning, after waking up.

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The contents

  • Too much of Foundation
  • Too light or too dark tone of Foundation
  • Too much powder
  • Wrong feathered blush
  • The irregular shape of the eyebrows
  • The abundance of mascara
  • The use of eye shadow with glitter
  • Dark eyeliner on the lower eyelid
  • Lipstick inappropriate tone and texture
  • A few accents in makeup

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If you think that after 30 our skin needs something special and intense… you’re right! Yes, it is time to begin to care for the face in an adult. However, it’s not as scary as it seems. You need to follow only 7 basic rules. 1. Wash your face twice a day. Sometimes we don’t do that at night, if you don’t want to wash off cosmetics. This is a mistake! Use for washing some delicate gentle means. 2. Do twice a week exfoliation. Or use the scrub. Or exfoliating mask. With age, the skin is updated not with the speed 20, and she needs help. There will be less wrinkles and better color. 3. Use the cream under the eyes. Yes, it’s time. Something intense you don’t need, but a good moisturizer is what you need! Do not RUB it – apply all over face. 4. Protect yourself from the sun. With age, more ultraviolet light damage the skin, so a cream with UV filter is required. The town has a high SPF index is not needed, rather 15-20. 5. Watch out for sleep mode. A bad (or insufficient) sleep – wrinkles provided. Don’t sacrifice a full night’s rest, even for a beloved hobby. 6. Enter in the diet and in skin care more vitamins E and C – powerful antioxidants. They are contained in spinach, berries, vegetable oils.

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And we should start with the most simple – hygiene.

After the water treatment the breast skin should be moistened using balm, body oil or cream to improve elasticity, and in adulthood to Supplement care creams with vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin a and chestnut extract for elasticity of the breast skin. Apply should be light circular movements from the bottom up, without affecting the region of the nipple.

Massage for elasticity and stretch mark prevention

Include in the care of breast massage. For this purpose you can use sea salt not too coarse. Dip a wet Terry-cloth MITT and salt in upward circular motions RUB her Breasts a couple of minutes. Enough to do exfoliation 2 times a week, thanks to him, the breast skin will become smooth.

Massage can be done with a dry brush with soft bristles, describing eight upwards around your chest for 5 minutes.Every time after the massage apply the balm.

Beautiful breast care packs provide, for example, lemon: pour into the container some cold water, add the lemon juice one lemon in a glass of water, swirl the towel and attach to the breast for a few minutes.

You can make a compress of sea salt, but the water temperature should be 37-38 With

The procedure will help to maintain the elasticity and tone of the breast skin and prevents its aging.

Cold water for hardening

After taking a shower massage the cool water stream in upward circular motions for a couple minutes, avoiding area of nipples.

The same circular motion RUB the Breasts for one minute with ice cubes, it is enough 1-2 times a week in the evenings.

Morning take a contrast shower, water chest with warm, then cold water for 30 seconds, and always finish the procedure with cold water.

Exposure to cold makes the delicate breast skin more elastic, improves blood circulation and prevents aging.

Charging for strengthening chest muscles

Female bust is composed of connective tissue, glands, fatty tissue and skin, so in order to lift and tighten need to strengthen the surrounding muscles of the chest and also the muscles of the neck and back, which will help keep chest high.

Do at least three approaches for each exercise, repeat 10-12 times and breathe normally.

If the breast is large, it is for exercise wear a special sports bra it will prevent sagging.

Exercise # 1

Stand up straight, back straight, feet together (starting position). Arms at sides to shoulder level, then do the exercise “scissors” for hands, ie bring them in front so that they crossed: the right hand passes under the left, then Vice versa. Do the exercise vigorously.

Exercise # 2

Original position also. Hands bend at the elbows — forearms should form a right angle shoulder, squeeze his hands into fists. Sharply pull the hands back, then return to its original position.

Exercise # 3

Stand up straight, face the wall approximately 50 cm Lean against the wall with hands at shoulder level. Push on wall with force, like you’re going to move it. Relax.

Exercise # 4

Stand up straight, put your hands together in front of a house and push one hand to the other, feel how tense the muscles of the chest. Relax.

Exercise # 5

Stand up straight. Raise your right arm up and your left behind your back. Connect both hands behind his back, trying to connect fingers in the lock. Stay in this position for a few seconds, and then switch hands.

Exercise # 6

Stand straight, slightly bend your elbows, and press the brush to your hips. Take your blades, try to connect the elbows behind the back. Relax, straighten the arms along the trunk.

In addition to these exercises to strengthen the chest you can do regular pushups.

To prevent possible diseases breast care should include regular inspection.With 20 years 35 years and up recommended ultrasound diagnosis every two years. After 35 years of glandular breast tissue begins to be replaced by fat and the best method of study will include mammography. After 50 years, women need to do it once a year ultrasound and mammography. After any examination the doctor, given the state of breast health, will set a date for the next appointment.

Monthly, 2-3 days after the end of menstruation do self-breast exam:

• start the inspection in front of a mirror, put your hands behind your head and pay attention to the shape or size of the mammary glands, if there are any changes;

• right hand to examine left breast and Vice versa;

• self-start with the outer side of the chest, their fingers press on his chest and simultaneously move them in a circle clockwise in the direction of the nipple, pay attention, not be felt under fingers the knots or seals;

• pay attention to the appearance of the nipple (it should not be embroiled inside), then gently press it with thumb and forefinger, see if there are any discharge, inspect the skin surrounding the nipple is whether it is pits or folds;

• visual inspection of the mammary glands swipe lying down, place the left hand under head and his right hand check the left breast and Vice versa;

• check the armpit, right hand to left armpit, then the opposite, please note that there are no seals or enlarging lymph nodes, then inspection guide lying for convenience under shoulder inspect side place a pillow.

And finally, some tips about what you don’t like women’s Breasts.

Avoid sudden weight loss, as fat tissue is broken down fairly quickly, as a result, the Breasts SAG and become flabby, lose weight slowly and naturally.

The female breast does not like direct sunlight, and the skin ages, additionally, it may lead to the development of “neoplasms”, so to sunbathe only in a swimsuit, be sure to use sunscreen.

About the choice of bra very seriously, because it is designed to support the Breasts. It is not necessary to abandon the bra even if your Breasts are small. If the Breasts are large, wear a bra a must, it unloads the spine and lifts the bust. Ask how to choose the right bra.

Remember that the breast care consists of simple and useful habits that will not only help to maintain her beauty, but most importantly, keep healthy!

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All in Riga 8 places for swimming under supervision of the city authorities and lifeguards, beaches: three river, two lakes and three marine.


This beach house is a small (170 meters long, 30 meters wide) and comfortable. Because of the rugged terrain it did not fill with sand (would be washed away in the river of the first storm), and went the other way: put the rolls of natural grass. The beach is equipped with two dressing rooms have toilets. There are free Parking facilities, it is separated from the rest by a small moat and figuratively paved with stones. Place to swim is marked with buoys. The tower round the clock lifeguards.

The main advantage of Rumbula beach – to get here is not only easy, but also very nice. He is part of the infrastructure so beloved by Riga Daugava promenade. To swimming and after you can stroll along the picturesque river Bank at the paved path, where moving without disturbing each other, pedestrians, skaters, lovers of skateboards, bicyclists and moms with strollers. Benches on the beach until set (this issue will be resolved soon), but if you move a hundred meters – and the boardwalk is full of them.

This spring, Eastern Executive Directorate landed near 21 willow seven different varieties, with explanatory signs for the curious.

Most often the beach are, of course, the people of Kengarags. For them it is almost beach home. But the more extended promenade (according to plan he should get to darshini), the more there appears the cyclists from the different parts of Riga.



Lucavsala is a huge field (11 acres), covered with manicured grass, with a very well-thought-out landscape. There is a picnic area, area of outdoor games for adults (beach volleyball, for example) and a Playground for children, the largest in the city.

Benchmark by which the beach is visible from afar, and rescue rig, similar to the Indians dwelling on piles. This year there are equipped with a jetty to be able to get the boat out on the water. By the way, the lifeguards watch over the procedure not only on water but also on shore.

At the disposal of guests – changing cabins, toilets. Best honours Lucavsala beach: there’s plenty of trees in the shade where you can shelter from the sun. However, still sunbathe units – the majority of people play with a ball or adopt many exercise equipment that allows you to stretch, do push-UPS, climb, jump, in General, to move not only children but also adults.

Before entering the relaxation area is free Parking. Since October there has the locals a huge success, at the moment, there, nearby, is equipped with additional Parking. The beach can be reached by bike.


River beach at Kipsala is informal. For environmental reasons it will never meet the standards of the bathing areas specified in the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, because the residents stubbornly go there to sunbathe and swim, municipal service went to meet them. Pardaugava Executive Directorate has turned “wild” beach in a civilized vacation spot: installed changing cabins, toilets, benches, dustbins.

For kids there is a small bright hill. For adults there is a place under the beach soccer. In hot weather there is a summer café.

Because of the informality of this place Riga municipal police could not establish where stationary escape tower. But bathing and leave people without supervision – is not the case. Therefore, from the beginning of the beach season lifeguards just put there your post.

Why beach Kipsala so attracts residents, of course. The beach itself is a lot of Golden sand on which to sunbathe and comfortable without chairs, and stunning views. To the right is the panorama of the Old town, opposite – white ships coming in the port of Riga. But the main thing – to get here from the city center in minutes.

Car Park no, but you can leave your car in the surrounding streets of ķīpsala.



Waterbury beach is a coastal area with Bolderay on the island Daugavgriva (Ust–Dvinsk). It is easily accessible by bus: the 36-th route (which in the summer runs more often) and the 3rd route (he goes to the beach on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

Blue and white changing rooms are in harmony with the Blue flag, flying on land. This is an international mark of quality. The owner of a Blue flag beach, Waterbury is the eighth consecutive year, the award is given by the Foundation for environmental education (includes 60 countries). It means that you meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed a long list of services: availability of showers, mother and child, medical facility, drinking water, beach cleanup is happening at least once a day with a mandatory screening of sand, water meets the highest quality and so on.

Kids have the ability to Tinker on the bright hill, adult outdoor enthusiasts usually focus in the sports area, which has courts for volleyball, basketball and football.

To the sea on the sand laid a special wooden decks, providing access to the water wheelchair. Another plus: plenty of pointers that allow to immediately find the desired object, be it a shower or toilet.

Who is resting and who is in the service: rescuers are keenly watching the bathers from the top of the rescue station. Also work everyone who provides beach service: here offer the rental of sun loungers, pedal boats and inflatables. There is a kiosk with ice cream, café.

There is ample Parking, also a Parking space for vehicles of persons with disabilities.



This beach is not so far from the residential area in the town. The road to the sea passes through the area of the reserve in Primorsky natural Park, where nest rare species of birds. So for fans to observe of birds equipped with an observation deck. Through the reserve also has a nature trail which is interesting to walk around.

You can leave your car at the free Parking lot for 50 cars. The road from the Parking lot to the beach is paved to make it easy to navigate for both pedestrians and cyclists and mothers with prams. Along the benches.

Beach in the town is divided into two zones – for those who like sunbathing and for those who prefer active rest. There are courts for beach volleyball and football. There is a Playground for children. Includes changing rooms, sun beds, toilets.

The tower round the clock lifeguards. The dumpsters are emptied every day. The top layer of sand on the beach regularly screened. In the future, the Executive Directorate is planning to equip bike racks and Supplement the children’s Playground game.

To reach this beach by bus number 3 and 36 (summer runs more often).



Sea beach in Vecaki is no worse than in Jurmala. And opportunities for active rest there not less. The beach is a new tile walkway, convenient for travelling cyclists, mothers with strollers and people with limited mobility. To the usual beach added new toilets sanitary complex: there are showers, a room mother and child, the normal toilets and toilets for disabled (free). Find this complex help pointers icons and information on the scoreboard.

Installed outdoor fitness equipment for adults, there are beach volleyball courts. As for the children, for they’ve recently created a new,relevant EU standards, play complex. This year ustanovlennye and safe swings, including seats with closed – type for the little ones. Also added a swing-basket (the so-called “stork’s nest”), so beloved by children. Soon teenagers will be set grid-pyramid 3.5 meters tall.

There are rental loungers, inflatable trampolines. When leaving the beach showers for your feet, so you can wash away the adhering sand. At every step, with waste containers. Set up a separate Smoking area. Special equipment daily sifts beach sand to remove any splinters.

As for the rescuers, in Vecaki, they are not just a tower, and a well equipped rescue station that operates all year round. Rescuers tour the extensive beach on a Quad bike, on the water ready on duty two inflatable rescue boats.

In General, the beach in Vecaki is not only not inferior to the beaches of Jurmala, but also has its advantages. In contrast, from Jurmala, there is no stumble at every step on private beaches with sun beds for insane prices and the pompous VIP area, so characteristic of Jurmala in recent years.



Just a twenty minute drive from the centre of Riga, at a distance of several hundred meters from the main road, policybriefings is a dense forest. And in the middle of it – lake Babelia: a favorite place of rest and bathing of residents. Its depth is 5.5 meters and an area of 6.9 ha. the Air here is always clean and fresh – thanks to the abundance of pine trees up to the age of 130 years. Where the soil is wetter, growing willow and willow.

To bathe here and the water warms up faster than the sea, waves do not exist. With the beginning of the beach season lifeguards are marked with buoys two bathing areas: for adults and for children. Sector children has very little slope and the water depth is not more than 70 cm On the shore includes changing rooms and portable toilets. There is also a sports area: beach volley courts and table tennis tables. A children’s Playground, this year added a few elements. Around the lake created multiple places for a picnic: there are embedded tables, benches, grills is. Close to the beach made the holidays

During the bathing season works around the clock rescue service. Regularly conducted water tests, the results cataractsurgery on the scoreboard. The lake is especially important because there are like nesting birds.


The beach in mežaparks on Kisezers is same informal, as in Kipsala. This means that the local authority could do not to. And to monitor the safety of bathers in this place, too, there is no obligation.

But it so happened that it was here, ten meters from the beach,you’ll support base of the rescue service of the Riga municipal police. At the pier dancing on the small wave of powerful speed boats. On the shore is not just a tower, but a serious life-saving station, with its surveillance. As in Vecaki, it works all year round. So the safety of swimmers is in safe hands.

The beach at Kisezers – tiny. The bottom is nasty, very muddy. Recently, it was deepened to six metres, otherwise you can just get caught up in a thick layer of silt. On the shore there are no conditions to play football or volleyball. And rides for children – only log Yes is a swing. This is understandable – the real (and wonderful!) playgrounds are located in another part of this huge Park. However, from the rest on a tiny patch on a hot day there is no release. Sun, water, coffee – what else is necessary for happiness.

More information on the Riga beaches, and the water temperature in the ponds you can find on the official information portal of Riga

Source: RIGA.LV

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