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Beyonce with a clutch of Blood&Honey, Jamal ArtemKlimchuk dress, Lady Gaga in Ksenia Schnaider hat and Anna Dello Russo in Vyshyvanka By Vitakin for the release of celebrities choose clothes by Ukrainian designers.

Beyonce with a clutch of Blood&Honey

Rita Ora in the Coat by Katya Silchenko

Karlie Kloss in jeans, ksenia schnaider

Kris Jenner in a dress ANNA K

Lady Gaga in ksenia schnaider hat

Tina Karol to ELENA BURBA



Jamal Omelya

Jamal in Lake

Jamal in Lake

Jamal Frolov

Viktoriya Tigipko Elena Burenina

Masha Efrosinina in Frolov

Efrosinina Masha in Elena Reva

Sarah Hyland in elenareva

Carrie underwood wears elenareva in

Masha Efrosinina in poustovit

Lera Housema in the flow label

Melanie Thierry in Vyshyvanka By Vitakin

Anna Dello Russo in Vyshyvanka By Vitakin

Maryna Poroshenko in Vyshyvanka By Vitakin


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One of the secrets of the daily ritual was very simple – according to experts, the key to smooth and glowing skin is representative of the British Royal family is flannel fabric.

“It’s all in flannel,” – said Preston edition of NYMag.

Kate Middleton

According to makeup artist, soft fabric allows you to clean the skin the best, in terms of hygiene way, without direct contact with fingers. Flannel gently exfoliates, removes dirt and makeup.

Makeup artist Kate Middleton added that the wife of Prince William also has rosehip oil, which relieves skin irritation, redness, heals her and slows down the process of aging.

It is known that often the Duchess of Cambridge makes her own makeup, whose main task considers the need to emphasize the dignity. Kate often prefer brown or black eyeliner, slight blush, which highlights the cheekbones and a neutral lip gloss.

Kate Middleton

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The contents

  • Beach dresses
  • Summer dresses
  • Short or long
  • Long, short sleeve or straps
  • Evening dresses

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The developers of the DASH diet – doctors from the National Institute of heart, lungs and blood (USA) – noticed that the new diet not only reduces the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, but also helps to lose weight. He will go slowly, but the lost weight will not come back.

Diet DASH diet is well balanced, so it can stick to for a long time.

What is the diet for the heart

Low salt (no more than 1 tsp a day) and animal fats, high fruit and vegetables. Canned food, sausages, semi-finished products and fast food fall under the ban. Meals it is recommended to cook steamed, boiled or baked. Diet a fraction – 5-6 times a day. It’s 3 main meals plus 2-3 snacks a day. A nice bonus: a diet for the heart does not impose a complete taboo on alcohol and sweets. From time to time you can afford 150 ml of dry wine and dessert.

Menu for heart day

Breakfast: portion of oatmeal with fruit or berries, a Cup of green tea without sugar, one orange.

Dinner: plate of vegetable soup, chicken breast grilled (80 g) broccoli, 2 slices of grain bread, juice.

Dinner: fish fillet, sprinkle with lemon juice (100 g), ½ Cup of brown rice, a Cup of yogurt.

Eating plan for heart

Caloric intake is about 2000 kcal per day. The meal plan includes 8 main product groups.

Whole grains – 7 servings per day. One serving is one slice of bread (from flour or bran), 30 g of dry grains or about half a Cup of prepared cereal. Sometimes resolved the pasta, but only from flour of durum.

Fruits and vegetables – 8-10 servings a day. Especially good for the heart, tomatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini, all kinds of cabbage, including broccoli, green beans, spinach, apples, oranges. Serving is one fresh fruit or vegetable, a Cup of leafy vegetables (100-150 g) or salad, 5-6 pieces of soaked dried fruit, 0.5 Cup juice, 150 ml of vegetable soup.

Low-fat dairy products – 2-3 servings per day. A serving corresponds to a glass of kefir, curdled milk, fermented baked milk or yogurt, 50 g cheese.

Oil and other fats – 30 grams per day. This, for example, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Nuts, seeds, legumes – 4-5 times a week. But not more than 30 grams at a time.

Lean meat, including chicken or fish 1-2 servings a day for 100 g

Sweets – 5 servings per week. Per serving is 1 tbsp jam or honey, marshmallows or 1 100 g jelly.

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The middle of summer will honor your presence, quickens – permanent minor hidden aspect between Jupiter and Neptune. This combination might lead to disharmony between emotions and intellect. Therefore, suspiciousness, anxiety and anxiety will be in July to torment the sensitive people, and in more severe cases, there is a risk of psychosomatic ailments and bouts of hypochondria.

To cope with these unpleasant trends will help meditation, relaxation, carefully fostered peace, breathing exercises. When in conflict, the mind and the senses, should be on the side of the first and preserve the latter. If possible, avoid stress, quarrels, serious conversations, with particular patience and sensitivity, contact with children and elderly relatives, who will have particularly difficult.



Interest in science, religion and education – a common reaction to Rams on emotional overload. You find it easier to relax, studying the General abstract problem than to endlessly analyze their own. Therefore, since emotions are already heightened, it makes sense to benefit from it. Exhibitions, performances, concerts will be able to touch the strings of your soul, which in normal times is quite difficult to extract from under armor fleece. It would be great to visit such events with children: the experiences, awakened by the power of art, will help you to bond and better understand each other.

In this case note that the emotionality of the Rams are usually not equal sentimentality and tenderness, on the contrary, you can be tougher and harder than usual, the temper tantrums will be replaced with joy and feverish thirst for action.

Also note that this is a perfect time for the conclusion of pomonok and weddings. But don’t screw it up occasional desire to make a scandal out of nowhere.


Taurus not lovers to savor their experiences: as a reaction to the increased sensitivity, they usually keep to themselves and avoid too emotional contacts. Meanwhile, this strategy is now extremely undesirable: excessive restraint in relations will not improve the situation, while speaking from the heart, even the nervous and sometimes angry, can help to destroy the wall of alienation between you and your loved ones.

In financial terms, complex issues do not threaten Taurus: the month will be favourable in terms of earnings and in terms of spending – it is the right time for expensive purchases, especially when we are talking about Antiques, jewelry or art objects. You may receive unexpected, but costly gift.

In addition, every Calf will be useful in this July to take care of your body – starting with visits to the spa, and ending with the scheduled examination, for what body will thank healthy and flourishing appearance.


Frustrated in their desires, plans, and success is almost inevitable for the Twins in July. Such attacks are unexpected reappraisal rarely be useful, but now their destructive power will be particularly large. Don’t be surprised to find themselves in liquidation newly made repairs, trampling planted petunias or even came unexpectedly stupor in the registry office – a spontaneous fierce a desire to change everything always was for Twins the normal reaction to dissatisfaction. Remember, however, that “if you want something new, that’s no reason to break old.”

Nevertheless, the upcoming weeks of July will be favorable for property acquisition and planning conception.



Cancers are capable of working from dawn to dusk, in mid-summer are especially hard on themselves to mock: self-discipline, which particularly distinguishes Cancers to rise to record levels. It was nice to be its own perpetual motion, but the energy, the will and resilience can have malopriglyadna inside out: for example, vymotannost, health problems and anger at the world, which is inhabited by slackers and lazy. Especially important is the last point – you, under the influence of the stars can be indifferent to friendly assistance in doing very unfair and ungrateful. So do not hesitate sometimes to slow down and don’t beat yourself up over the imperfections – peace of mind for you is now more important than great deeds.

But what particularly should be avoided Cancers in July, is the secret love Affairs: they will inevitably become apparent and will cause a lot of trouble.


Leos will be incredibly greedy for compliments, rewards, awards and public admiration. Any, even minor, praise will cause you a burst of energy and, to be honest, a burst of enthusiastic admiration. But note that you will become as receptive to criticism and willing and often a serious offense, including nothing. Therefore, in this emotionally unstable state, you will be more pleasant to communicate with people is restrained, Mature and polite.

In addition, you can tie the affair with a older man, maybe with your old friend. It is possible, it will seriously affect your destiny.

It is also possible an increased interest in mysticism, secrets and mysteries. And yet, if you are going to travel, choose the most favorable for you, now heading West.


Best will feel those Virgo who will be able to spend the month at home, resulting in their nest in an ideal state, where every thing is in its place, everything sparkles and squeaks with cleanliness, and household well-groomed, fed and treated kindly. Generally speaking, Virgo knows how to respond to the chaos of order and comfort, and to meet any everyday disasters with a Cup of tea with jam at the ready.

Virgo will also be quite happy if they have to deal with organizational issues related to the presentations, the opening of the exhibitions, reception of delegations: in the bustle and schedules, they will be able to hide from the internal anxiety and fear of the future, which, alas, Virgo will be exposed in the coming weeks. Also to maintain good spirits will help shopping, friendly parties, new business ideas – that is, activities which will be able to grab you. But the routine execution of habitual actions, on the contrary, it is undesirable, especially if it still requires concentration (working with accounting documents, for example, it is better to postpone, if possible).

Probably the exacerbation of certain health problems, especially high risk of trouble with your kidneys and shoulder belt. Overall, drink more water, especially in hot weather, and don’t overload yourself in the gym.



Ambition, the desire to improve its reputation, the desire for success and recognition in the upcoming July Libra will be full of ambition, and as no one focused on the competition. But before you saddle a horse, brandishing a combat spear, judge whether there is near you a trusted and proven friends. Now the stars promise luck to those who can count on friendly help, but not very located to the Scales on their own.

The most favorable choice in the coming weeks will be a journey – business trip or free vacation is wandering around the planet. Note that the above-mentioned Weights July the sky has prepared a lot of surprises – from the financial victories to romantic Dating.


This month the Scorpions expect good luck in everything connected with papers, documents, and legal aspects. However, note that it does not apply to the money aspect, so keep it more careful: in July, the potential for serious financial losses.

But sexually life July the Scorpions will be flawless and serene, what would be the controversial experiments, they decided not to. Your heightened sensuality and sexuality are now looking discharge.


Reading the news during Breakfast and dinner will help the Archer feel, let not all the world is under your control, you have information about the state of things and therefore protected from many troubles. Anyway, in July you will be with even greater effort to try to get everything under control – anxiety and fear of the future, unfortunately, is written in your horoscope for the next week, regardless of whether these fears are generally real. So, if monthly lay some money aside this time in order not to torment themselves with the fact that I can splurge and stay with nothing.

Since this fear can also cause you aggression, try to avoid conflicts and meetings with those friends that you can not stand.



Guilt, increased sexual needs and willingness to solve complex problems – these are the three pillars on which Capricorn you’ve travelled through the whole of July. Oil on the fire pour family and friends, who will accuse you of neglect, of carelessness and irresponsibility, and sometimes made unfounded. But sometimes, the accusations are reversed just at: you will have some absent-mindedness and willingness to ignore all that you are currently not interested in.

However, the July Capricorn expects a favourable and fruitful. You will achieve good results with small effort and, although there will be a lot of little things that you ignore and do not take into account the major goal likely to be achieved and the pleasure that you will get the most genuine. By the way, you will be successful in card and Board games.


For long-awaited Jul Aquarians are especially curious: will one be to torture a variety of queries of search engines in the Internet, others will go for new information in the real world. You will feel increased interest in gossip and brochures from the category of “100 amazing facts about the cactus.” This week is a great time to travel, visiting lectures, courses and workshops.

In private life conflicts can arise due to the fact that you will more often than usual, to violate the personal space of the partner, especially if your curiosity spread on his phone, and mail. Oddly enough, in the middle of summer you might catch a cold due to the vulnerability of the respiratory tract and lungs in the near future.


A rare occasion in the court of the Fish – bouts career and financial ambitions. Generally speaking, Fish are perfectly able to get money out of nowhere and over the years to operate in the “now-Now I roll up the sleeves and get to work, only the first hour or lie down, staring at the ceiling,” but the stars in July, will provoke them to completely and totally desperate “non-fish” behavior: “pressure, consistency, precise objectives, strict planning.” Well, the correct solution would be to use this opportunity to load itself as a working donkey, trying for those short weeks to make all that has not been done for months. The more Fish it can be incredibly industrious and enterprising, if you want (and with “zahtevam” fish is traditionally the biggest problem).

In the family of Fish no major upheavals are expected, as even a lot of operating Fish usually cut from the busy schedule time to be with their loved ones. But a lone Fish with a large degree of probability will be able to find on his head a variety of romantic adventures.


The author of the horoscope Olga Korepin – astrologer, psychologist, and consultant in the field of astropsychology, leading women’s workshops.

Source: marie claire

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In the hotel room got a shower cap? Urgently put in a suitcase! She’s weightless, and can be useful in unexpected situations.

As a dog bowl

If the dog wants on the road to drink, you can pour water in a shower cap.


Instead of a greenhouse

To help the seeds germinate or seedlings to cover in case of frost, it is also possible to use a cap. It is the fact that it is elastic, so it will be harder to hold on to.


Instead of Shoe covers

Cap will protect your shoes from mud or paint, for example.


From dust

To protect clothes from dust settling, puncture a small hole in the cap and put it on a hanger.


Cooling food

If you need to keep a cool salad or a fruit platter, take the cap, place it in ice cubes and put the bowl on top.


Seat bike

Wear a hat in the pocket of his windbreaker to keep the seat dry in the rain.


For packing shoes

Dirty shoes or wet flip-flops can be Packed in a suitcase, wrapping them and putting a shower cap.


Cover watermelon

Very easy to cover a half-eaten watermelon shower cap if you are not going to remove it from the table to the refrigerator.


For houseplants

The cap will help to hold excess water if you are too abundantly watered flower.


Cover leftovers

And again, if you do not eat the salad, cover up round the bowl, you can use shower caps. It is not worse than cling film.


Photo source: thekrazycouponlady

According to the materials: Home

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You can work around the clock, to the post of Vice President of a huge company and understand that you are unhappy. Vice President — it’s just another position. Tomorrow you may have a breakthrough business idea, you will leave this post and start your own business. In this case, you will be CEO of the company.

Liz Ryan, head of the international Human Workplace movement and a columnist for Forbes, says that the first and most important task of every person is to find answers to the questions: “What means success?” and “Why have I chosen this goal?”

To stimulate thinking in the search for answers, Liz recommends that you answer several intermediate questions:

– What I want to achieve, experience? – What contribution I want to make to the world during your life? – What I like to do? – What I do best?- What I’m interested in more than others? – When my life ends, I want people to remember about me? – How can I use the time I have available to leave your mark? – How can I manage my career to my job supported my life goals?

When you get clear about your goals, you will find that you have much more control over his destiny than anyone else. Your CEO and your current boss a little control of your career, because you can change jobs if their goals do not match yours.

The key to success is not the pursuit of arbitrary goals, and understanding myself and other people, as well as integrating this knowledge into their own life decisions.

In most cases we ourselves have to stop yourself to achieve the desired success. We cling to old, bad habits which we learned in childhood, but which never really was, we need and never will need.

Ten habits that hinder you to achieve success that you deserve:

The habit of spending all his time and energy on the list, and not to waste time on the formation of life and career to which you aspire. The habit of believing other people when they tell you: “You can’t be who you want to be! You can’t do that — you have no talent/brains/experience to do this”. Habit to be silent when you really want to say something because you’re afraid that someone might not like what you say. Habit to choose the “safe” path instead of the courageous and fair. The habit of passively doing many things instead of really good at a few things. Habit to avoid large changes due to possible discomfort and fear. The habit of “falling asleep” at work and lose touch with the outside world, themselves and their dreams. The habit of judging yourself and others. The habit of not setting boundaries with your boss, colleagues, customers, family and friends. The habit of put first other people, and to leave at last.

If you believe that your success will bring good things to the world, then you deserve at least as much time, attention and care, as does any other man.

The world is big. Available to you much more than just a “cool” job title. You are sure that at the end of life for you actually will be very important that post which you occupied? Maybe the success that you secretly dream now, will bring a lot of good in this world and will make you truly happy.

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Hands is able to deliver many of the processes that occur in the body. Their shape, color and temperature are important indicator of dangerous diseases and seasonal affective disorder.

If the skin of the palms turned yellow, you should pay attention to liver and gall bladder. But to panic ahead of time is not: the skin could be painted after cleaning potatoes or carrots. The palm can also turn yellow after using bronzer.

If the tips of the fingers got purple tint, it is necessary to deal with kidneys or liver.

Blue spots on fingers indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Scarlet spots, accompanied by nausea, and insomnia is a symptom of intoxication and hepatitis and a reason to urgently see a doctor.

Marble pattern on the palm – violation in the autonomic system or the first signs of frostbite.

The white color of the fingers is at a reduced pressure.

Cold hands – a sign of peripheral circulatory disorders. The body is lacking nicotinic acid.

Hot palms may indicate liver toxicity caused by alcohol poisoning, drugs or chemical substances.

If the skin peels off in small plates, it can be a sign of deficiency of vitamins A, E and D. But if the particles are large, consult a dermatologist, it is fungus.

See video on how to put the diagnosis on the nails:

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An alternative to plastic face


How to “build” her face and that it is possible – I know far fewer. If you want to face muscles were firm and toned, they need to exercise! Take care of their beauty into their own hands.

The first signs of “tired” faces start to appear after 25 years. To 30 years the situation is exacerbated, and for 40 years in the face of clearly drawn confident wrinkles: wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth, crow’s feet. Lost a clear contour of the face: lower cheeks (in their place by “brylka”), drawn with additional chins.

Альтернатива пластике: 7 упражнений, которые разгладят кожу на лице


Alas, all this is logical. Facial muscles atrophy much faster than other muscles of the body, quickly loses its elasticity and firmness. And this, in turn, leads to wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Practicing gymnastics at a young age, can prevent these phenomena. If years have already leave marks on your face, gymnastics will help you to get rid of many of them.

Facial gymnastics

Альтернатива пластике: 7 упражнений, которые разгладят кожу на лице


Wrinkles on forehead

The fingers applied to the forehead above the eyebrows and move down. The eyebrows and forehead, overcoming the resistance, to pull up. Keep it for about 30 seconds, then relax.

Sagging cheeks

Smile, pressing the fingers laterally. Muscles of the mouth and cheeks is very much strain to my ears. To remain in this state for about 30 seconds. Relax.

Tired eyes

To open the eyes widely as possible. Hold it, then relax. If you have sagging eyelids, then, in this exercise, you should simultaneously stretch and the circular muscles around the eyes. To remain in this state for about 30 seconds.

Saggy corners of the mouth

Pinch the lips between the teeth to tighten corners of mouth upward. Hold for about 30 seconds, then relax. And prevents the formation of wrinkles on the upper lip.

Wrinkles around the eyes

Applying your fingers to the corners of your eyes, gently move them to the temples. Eyes half covered, to stretch the lower eyelid for 30 seconds, relax.

Strain the cheeks and chin: to open his mouth widely, to push forward the lower jaw. Much to strain the muscles of the neck and jaw for 30 seconds. Relax.

Did not fall below the eyebrows

Over the brow skin brow tightly pressed fingers high pressed eyebrows, and so hold for 6 seconds.

Against sagging of the upper eyelids

Paw 4 fingers of the right and left hands to put on podrobnee space. Eyebrows should be raised to 0.5 cm above the edge of the frontal bone, fingers firmly pressed to the skin. Eyes screw up tight, leaving them closed for 6 seconds. After that, relax.

So, what are threatening facial grimaces sports? Assuming that the classes will be held regularly (no less than 3 times per week):

  • the recovery of muscle tone,
  • the increase in volume,
  • improvement of blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers.


On the skin it will affect, of course, the most positive way: increased muscle it tighten, burn fat – and goodbye to a few wrinkles. A few months a person can “lose” 5-10 or even 15 years!

Visible results should appear after the second week of training. And to begin the visible changes of the muscles, it takes time. In hasbinding it all depends on the condition of a person: the older the person, the faster you will see results. First wrinkles will start to smooth out after two months of training.

Well, the problem is clear: to smooth skin, you need to pump up facial muscles.

Beauticians say that sometimes it is helpful just to wriggle in front of a mirror, especially not about acting smart special exercises.

It is still possible to draw numbers, letters, and landscapes. If at the same time will draw it’s legs, in addition you are provided with slender legs and strong abs.

Another great psychological exercise: “a Good mood all day.”

  • In the morning, in front of the mirror stared eyes, rotate them in all directions, to wriggle, to push your lips and speak a few times Tr-R-R-R-R-Tr-R-R-R.


Funny? Now on the job. The results of such exercises do not take long to wait.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption – together we change the world! © econet

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Few people know that coffee is not only aromatic tonic, but also a means for unbelievably beautiful skin. Of coffee as masks, scrubs and lotions. And physicians increasingly noted the beneficial properties of coffee, of course, if you don’t drink liters of it.

What are the beauty secrets you can make at home from regular coffee?

Coffee body scrub

After you drank coffee you have the coffee remains the coffee grounds. Don’t throw it away. Cook for yourself in the kitchen a Cup where you will add thick coffee. While showering this thick gently massage the body, it is remove dead skin cells. But if besides the usual scrub you want and even tone the skin, it is best to use a ground coffee which has not been used.

If you have dry skin, 1 teaspoon of ground coffee and mix it with 2 tablespoons of sour cream. And gentle movements massaging this cream body. After this exfoliation the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Here is another recipe, which cannot be compared with any scrub, bought in the salon, is to mix 1 teaspoon of candied honey 0.5 teaspoon of coffee. Skin after this scrub velvety and tender.

Lotion with coffee

Brew strong coffee and pour it into molds for ice to be sent in the freezer. These coffee ice cubes to wipe face morning and evening – they rejuvenate, refresh and tone the skin.

Or instead of washing, wipe the swab face and neck soaked in freshly brewed coffee. This lotion rejuvenates the skin. Just keep in mind, this tool imparts a slightly dusky hue to the face.

The mask of wrinkles with coffee

1 tablespoon rye flour diluted with cold strong coffee to make the mixture as thick as sour cream. Then add 1 egg yolk. This mixture is applied on clean face for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This mask makes the skin more elastic and toned.

Purify pores with coffee

Mix in equal proportions, instant coffee, yogurt and honey to make a creamy mass, and apply for 10 minutes on the skin. The tool perfectly cleanses the pores, makes skin soft and gets rid of minor flaws.


Many cosmetic products aimed at combating cellulite, coming off caffeine. But why buy expensive tubes of cream, if you can make the product at home, which will remove “orange peel”.

Warm coffee grounds and RUB it into the problem areas of the skin. Then wrap those areas with cling film and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then take a shower. This procedure should be performed twice a week.

Hair dye

Ladies with dark hair, coffee can help return the Shine and rich color. For this you need to whisk two egg yolks with a tablespoon of rum and two tablespoons of warm water. Then add a few spoonfuls of ground coffee and a teaspoon of vegetable oil. This mixture was applied to hair, wrap head with plastic wrap and leave the mask on hair for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water

You can also cold strong coffee from a spray bottle to spray on hair and comb the hair. You can repeat the procedure. This tool makes hair shining and bright.


Scientists have found that coffee speeds up the body’s metabolism and burns fat. However, it is not necessary to consume gallons of coffee to lose weight. Enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to start the day with a small Cup of flavored brewed coffee.

Masks or lotions you can do yourself on the basis to find ingredients that are needed to your skin. The main thing that they were natural and not make money in use, as they will deteriorate quickly. Better to do a small amount in order to immediately apply.

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